CNN Exposes Crack in Biden ‘Win’ as they Praise Trump

The signs that Trump is winning don’t come like full frontal nudity. They tend to be much more subtle. So subtle in fact, that most people miss them.

Forget the past where fake news dogged the president 92 percent of the time. We live in a time where that stat is closer to 99.99 percent. So when we get any positive news about Trump, particularly in light of the contested races, one must take notice.

And that’s exactly what happened with none other than CNN.

Vitriolic critic of President Trump, CNN’s Jake Tapper actually went off script, praising the president.

In an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta regarding the rise in Wuflu cases across the United States, Tapper (and Gupta) briefly praised the President’s Operation Warp Speed. Tapper described the vaccines as an “unmitigated success.”

Partial Transcript:

Tapper: “We should take a moment, as we always have when discussing vaccine and Operation Warp Speed, that this is — you know, putting aside all of the failures of the Trump administration when it comes to the coronavirus, and there are lots — this is an unmitigated success and we should acknowledge that.

Uh the Moderna vaccine was done with funds from Operation Warp Speed and the Pfizer one uh has funding when it comes to the distribution and manufacture. And I just think it’s important uh that people working so hard, Monsefslawi and others get credit for this and President Trump was the one who okayed it.”

While Tapper cloaked his compliment of Trump noting the “failures of the Trump administration”, don’t take this praise lightly. This is a sign.

In a time where Leftists fight for their political lives, they simply cannot allow any room for praise of Trump. So Tapper and Gupta going off script is highly unusual. Especially considering Tapper is constantly at odds with the President. He’s even had a post-presser meltdown. The Democratic Party narrative and Leftist narrative is that Trump failed on all counts when it comes to Wuflu.

He didn’t stop it soon enough. He’s xenophobic for stopping the Chinese from coming to America. He’s killed 200,000+ people and Biden could have SAVED THEM ALL.

Trump refused to issue mask mandates which would save Americans from any more deaths from ANY disease.

Further, Trump opened the economy, thus killing potentially millions more, and so on. I think you get the picture.

So why credit him with the cure? And at this time.

Moreover, Gupta acknowledged that Trump’s actions proved that we can respond much quicker than at any time in history, in the event of other REAL pandemics.

When CNN does something like this, my antenna goes up. I say they are hedging their bets on a Trump second term.




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