Coronavirus Mandates Actually PROVE Trump Mandate

People are tired of Leftism. Big Brother, alongside all Leftism has done to denigrate the world since Orwell wrote 1984, has grown tiresome. Even for Leftists.

We are told Biden received millions more votes than 2008 Barack Obama, and we are supposed to buy this bullsh*t. And part of the Democrats’ strategy involved touting President Trump as weak on Wuflu. The idea that Americans are afraid of the Wuflu is patently ridiculous.

This disease kills fewer people than the seasonal flu. Having had the Wuflu, I can report that if you are tested and take Azithromycin, this disease is less bothersome than a cold. Still The Washington Post writes of doom and gloom.

A record-breaking surge in U.S. coronavirus cases is being driven to a significant degree by casual occasions that may feel deceptively safe, officials and scientists warn — dinner parties, game nights, sleepovers and carpools.

Many earlier coronavirus clusters were linked to nursing homes and crowded nightclubs. But public health officials nationwide say case investigations are increasingly leading them to small, private social gatherings. This behind-doors transmission trend reflects pandemic fatigue and widening social bubbles, experts say — and is particularly insidious because it is so difficult to police and likely to increase as temperatures drop and holidays approach.

The White House coronavirus task force has been urging states that are virus hot spots to curtail maskless get-togethers of family and friends, saying in reports that asymptomatic attendees “cause ongoing transmission, frequently infecting multiple people in a single gathering.”

On Thursday, the nation passed another grim milestone in the pandemic, setting records for cases and hospitalizations, with 152,391 new cases and 66,606 people currently hospitalized. In Chicago, the mayor said that starting Monday, residents should leave home only to go to work or school, or for essential needs, such as seeking medical care or getting groceries.

We passed no such milestone. The number of new cases of Wuflu may very well be rising. However, the number of deaths remains so miniscule, the media dare not mention it.

Nevertheless, Leftists pretend they got their “mandate” in their attempt to steal the election. Thus, they continue their shenanigans. For example, New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) announced a 10-person limit on gatherings in private homes. He actually called these gatherings, a “great spreader.”

Some states including Ohio, Utah, Connecticut, and Colorado imposed similar restrictions. Supposedly 7 people were infected in Colorado while shooting dice.

Rhode Island’s governor pledged to fine violators. Oregon last week announced a “pause” in hard-hit counties on most groups larger than six people.

The Left must sell their ruse now more than ever. Because each day their hopes for a Biden presidency slip through their crooked fingers.

Just to be clear, there are NO Leftist mandates. Conservatism kicked Leftism’s squishy ass, with Trump receiving a legitimate 74+ million votes and counting. And Democrats know this to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt. So their dirty nuke needs to work. Sadly for them, it won’t. Once Trump gets the official notification for his second term, the gloves will be off.

No more Leftist mandates will even be considered. He will shore up the courts in ways that will last decades. And he will expose Leftism like no other president in history. Trump will be a one-man wrecking crew to the Democrats. He warned them. They ignored him.

74 million people believe Trump over “science”, the media, and Fauci. And as soon as he gets official notice of his second term, this nonsense will end.

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