MI Governor IMPEACHED: Only the Beginning

Governor Whitmer has been officially impeached. And the only question is, “What took so long?!”

What a b*tch! Ok, a skank! And the Republicans in Michigan had enough. So, as the tweet suggests, Whitmer’s fate lies with the state legislature:


The process for impeachment began recently, as a county in northern Michigan threw its support behind a resolution put forward by three Republican members of Michigan’s House of Representatives calling for the impeachment of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Despite Michigan Speaker of the House Rep. Lee Chatfield, a fellow GOP member condemning the resolution, the Kalkaska County Board of Commissioners voted four to two in favor of supporting the effort Friday, reported Michigan Live.

And Michigan has every right to go after Whitmer.

As part of The Great Reset, Whitmer joined other Leftist governors in shutting down her economy in order to make citizens wards of the state. Leftists’ wet dream is to shut down the economy for most, and live off the efforts of a few rubes willing to foot the bill, aka Conservatives.

Moreover, their plan involves ripping off Americans over the global climate farce and redirecting monies in order to even out financial divides, as if that is even possible.

In her efforts towards The Great Reset, Whitmer imposed Draconian measures that angered Republicans who actually listen to citizens. Michiganders express sickened feelings regarding the governor’s use of the Wuflu to burn down President Trump’s vibrant economy. They want their freedoms back, along with the ability to earn money for their efforts.

Whitmer and the Department of Health and Human Services issued a three-week order limiting indoor social gatherings last week, pretending the public needed to be protected from the Wuflu. A virus that is so deadly, you might not even know you have it.

Republican Representatives Beau LaFave, Matt Maddock and Daire Rendon issued the impeachment resolution and claimed the governor was guilty of “corrupt conduct in office and crimes and misdemeanors” after the new guidelines were announced.

Whitmer faces real problems. Because the Republicans control the legislature in Michigan. 22 to 16 (57%) in the Senate and 58 to 52 (53%) in the House. Thus, if only 3 Democrat senators join the Republicans, Whitmer would be out.

Regardless, I suspect the governor’s problems are only beginning.

After Michigan certified their crooked election, they opened up a potentially explosive powder keg.

Democrats in Michigan cheated their asses off. And Team Trump caught them. Over the next couple of weeks we will see lots of evidence pointing at the techniques used by Democrats in their attempt to steal the election from President Trump. So, don’t be surprised if people as high as the level of governor go to prison over this. If there were any serious candidate, Whitmer is the poster child.


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