Mitch McConnell Carries Torch of Hope

Mitch McConnell just got elected again as the Leader of the Republican Party.  Apparently, it was a unanimous vote on our side.

I love it!  What this represents to me is that Conservatives are finally standing up for ourselves.  But it took Trump to show us the way.  That’s just a fact.

When I think back to the days of John Boehner, and Paul Ryan – nice guys and all, but weak.  Very, very weak.  They couldn’t fight the ruthless establishment Democrats, so they acquiesced.  They gave away the farm.  But it was our farm they gave away.  Look at Mitt Romney, a sorry excuse for a man actually, and I take no pleasure in saying that.  But he has turned into a sullen little mean girl because he wasn’t taken seriously.  Quite possibly, Trump saw those deficits in Romney way before the rest of us did.  I’m sorry now, that I volunteered for his campaign and had his signs in my yard.  I mean really – he caved to Obama – the weakest, most inept president in recent history.

I’ve said this over and over again- Conservatives deserve what we are getting.  We let this happen.  We allowed ourselves to be bullied by the left for decades, and we acquiesced like our leaders, to the point of complete and utter submission.  Yet, we weren’t content.  We were upset, angry and fed up – so we elected Donald Trump.  Guess what – I will never sit by and have a Liberal call me racist, bigot or any other form of insults they want to sling.  I am not any of those, or any of the litany of insults they throw. I am an upstanding American.

What Went Wrong?

Let’s take a look at what’s happened. Trump threw some mud our way too. Let’s be honest, he doesn’t play favorites. But he has been hard on all of us in order to make us stand up and fight.  And unfortunately, it’s the fight for our lives. He made us realize that being a rug is no longer an option. I, for one, am grateful.  Now, we have the likes of Mitch McConnell who is a pretty even-tempered guy, a statesman in fact, who is fed up and is now standing up.  Even-fisted and ready to fight actually.  Trump lit him up too. This is a movement of monumental proportions on the right.  More than seventy million Americans strong, ready to take on and take down the corruption of the Left.

Your Silence is Deafening

Hypocrisy doesn’t even do justice to the Left and their double standards. There should be a bigger word to summarize their insanity. Liberals lie, connive, bully, and dish out brutality to anyone with an opposing opinion. There is no spirit of debate. No respect for a different ideology. Of course, not every liberal behaves that way. So for those liberals who are above this violent behavior, I have one question. Why do you stand for this?

The sheer brutality in your riots where you beat your own, kill your own is mind-blowing. Victims include 80-year old women, small children, alongside people of every race or creed. Chaos in the streets, looting, burning down buildings- these are the consequences of leftism running rampant. Where do the loving and tolerant left reside? Why can’t I find you? Where is your Facebook post denouncing all of this?  Make no mistake, it’s the Anti-Trumpers that continue to destroy our country. So I ask again, where are all you kind-hearted Liberals?  Your silence is deafening.

McConnell Nails it on the Head

McConnell no longer stands silent. Trump activated his backbone. And I’ll be the first to say I like this. He points out the hypocrisy as he stands up at the podium and tells the Liberals:

“Let’s have no lectures about how the President should immediately, cheerfully accept

preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election.”

“And who insinuated this one would be illegitimate, too, if they lost again.  Let’s have no lectures on this subject from that contingent.”


Obviously, the hypocrites cry for unity now But what will they do when Trump is found to be the legitimately re-elected President?  More riots?  Oh, you bet.  But guess what? Seventy-plus million pissed off Americans may just meet you head on.  We’re not taking this election fraud sitting down – not anymore.

McConnell easily won his seat back, as the GOP leader for his 8th term.  He rocks the red. I’m proud of Mitch McConnell.  After years in Congress, he’s emerged as a rising star of the conservative party, because it’s never too late to stand up and do what’s right.





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