Newsflash: There Is No President Elect

For those of you Trump-haters, here’s a newsflash: Biden has not won anything. Thus, he is NOT the President-Elect.

It’s pretty simple – the 2020 election has NOT been certified. This means Biden cannot be President-Elect because there have been no certifications in several states. Indeed, state certifications don’t happen immediately after an election, but in this case, the Trump campaign is requesting recounts. Sadly, rampant voter fraud in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona forced Trump’s team to dig deeper.

The Media Doesn’t Pick the Winner in a Presidential Election. They Project Winners.

The only declarations of Biden winning this race originated in the news media. Clearly, they have no authority to call an election. They can only project a winner. Maybe for their own network, they can, but we’ve seen where that has gotten all of them. Especially FOX News, which is now on my no-watch list. I have been a loyal fan of Fox News, but as I watched their coverage on election night, I thought: what the hell just happened?

Oh So Smug!

When Arnon Mishkin, the director of Fox News’ decision desk came out to call Arizona for Biden, I was appalled, for many reasons actually. One- because it all seemed very suspect. Two- because when he came out and made his declaration, he had a smirk on his face. Maybe others didn’t pick up on that, but I certainly did. It was all way too fishy.

When you can’t professionally report something as big as a presidential election without smirking and sneering, well then, it’s time to say goodbye. I was truly disappointed in Fox. They had 14 million viewers on election night. Now, they are pandering, trying to get all of their loyal watchers to come back. Nope. It’s not going to happen.

The real kicker is that Fox sacrificed their number one rank to cater to leftism! Last year, CNN’s panic set in when ratings proved Hannity crushed leftists like Rachel Maddow, the most toxic name in the business. Fox clearly understands how to dominate ratings.

As Tiffany Layne wrote:

The more CNN makes a fool of itself, the lower they sink. However, their presence as a media giant has been rolling downhill for many years now. If you check the facts, FOX has been crushing CNN for seventy straight quarters, which is more than 16 years.

Who flushes sixteen years of excellence down the drain? For decades, we expected this type of corrosive “professionalism” from MSNBC, CNN, or the rest of the mainstream media. Yet, we all expected better from FOX. Now they have to eat crow. Their  departure from true journalism just cost them their lead in all cable news. Fair and balanced no more. Welcome to Newsmax and OAN.

This Election Has Not Been Certified

As we know, corrosive professionalism reigns supreme in the media and within the halls and ranks of our leaders in Congress. But for all of those people that think Biden is the President-Elect, you are wrong. He is not. This election is not over. The rampant fraud in Detroit and Pennsylvania is staggering. Rudy Giuliani discovered evidence of over 620,000 fraudulent votes in Pennsylvania and is up to 300,000 in Detroit – and still counting. They will be moving on to Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia to uncover more.

Grab the Popcorn and Pull Up a Seat. You’re Not Going to Want to Miss This!

Seriously – grab the snacks and get comfy. What’s about to be uncovered will change the course of the United States of America. Remember that? The United States of America? It used to be our collective bastion of hope and vision. But now – we are dealing with the likes of a banana republic with the Clinton entity, the Obama’s, and the Bidens serving as the cartels and mafia organizers.

The wicked corruption overflows. These elitists built fortunes on the backs of middle America. Now, greed forces them to come back and steal from us some more. But like you, I’m tired of getting ripped off. Moreso, I’m tired of the Clintons. I’m exhausted by the never-loved-America Obama’s, and I’m so done with the Biden’s that have corroded their own children to line their pockets. How sick is that? The most disgusting trifecta in United States history.

Crickets from the Democrats

Remember 2019? Democrats voiced concerns over Dominion’s software. The same software these voting machines used. And now those Democrats stand in silence? If that’s not telling I don’t know what is.

But don’t despair – at least not yet. What the Trump campaign is about to reveal will be huge. It won’t be easy to stomach, but it will be huge. Understand that in 2019, many senators, like Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren were both extremely concerned over the irregularities of the Dominion software. My question is this: where are those two now? Crickets. Where are their cronies? More crickets. Not even AOC wants to weigh in? Of course not. One more glaring glimpse into the Left’s willingness to ignore right from wrong. Liberals collectively sold their soul to the devil. They stand for nothing. Absolutely nothing.

But we do. Conservatives stand for truth, for the country, for right and wrong, for law and order, and God. We must prevail. Stand strong and unite. Don’t let the media call the election. They keep proving over and over how biased they are and how wrong they are and how they’ve sold out to the devil to line their pockets too.

Joe Biden is not the President-Elect. Not by a long shot.

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