One Last Rally for the Road

Today’s the big day. It’s everything we’ve spent the past four years cultivating. There are rumors that cheating already commenced. Voter fraud is speculative. No one knows where things will be twelve hours from now.

I believe we will walk away with four more years. But I can’t promise you it will happen. What I can tell you is what I see.

From where I sit, President Trump is loved. At least down here in Texas he is. Nine times out of ten, I work to bring you the conservative commentary from a national standpoint. But now and again, a local view in necessary. Especially when Texas is clearly slated to be among the most decisive states in this election.

For months now, I’ve heard the rumors that Texas is turning blue. Some say it’s the influx of people coming from California. Others point to a shift in values from mainstream America. But whatever the reason, Texas hasn’t been blue since 1976. Now, that’s the year I was born. I’m not saying this conservative pushed us into the red, but I’m not saying I didn’t… But I will say I’m doing my part to keep the truth out there in a time when liberals strive to control the narrative through any means possible.

Undoubtedly, Texas proved to be far more competitive at the midterm elections, I believe we can still expect Texas to pull out a win for Donald Trump.

Why would I say that? Because I’ve been across the state for the past six months and I’ve yet to find the influx of Biden supporters leftists claim exist. But I have found the Trumpers. They were at the beach this summer when I took my kids on vacation. They were circling Austin, the states most liberal city, in late summer. And even this past weekend, I was surrounded by Trump’s people.

This is Red Country

Sunday, my oldest son and my son-in-law

live in a small Texas town, with a population of 5,700 people, give or take what the latest census figures show. Our county boasts a population of nearly 26,000 residents. And today, hundreds of them showed up to circle the county in support of President Trump.

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. A good 18 miles of cars stretched from one town to the next! Why? Because our president is a true man of the people. And they want Trump to know who’s rooting for him.

Now, I don’t normally get in front of the cameras. I’m a writer. I like to weave the words together to paint my pictures. But Sunday, I made an exception. Be forewarned, this isn’t some high quality professional video. However, if you want to see what I see when I travel around the Lone Star State, I pieced together a few clips just for you.

Tonight, the energy in the air is buzzing. The mainstream media is speculating where Texas will fall. First, they said red, then a few called blue. Now, we’re back to red. But I’m not afraid. I believe in the almighty God and I believe in Donald Trump.

When I get my kids up for school tomorrow, I plan to send them out the door with a victory dance. If this race is a fair one, there is no other way for this to end.



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