President Trump Keeps Chalking up WINS

It’s important that President Trump keep making these small gains. For the sake of the short game.

Every time there is a voter discrepancy, Trump gets more votes. Each win proves voter disenfranchisement at least, and voter fraud at best. And the wins keep on coming.

These wins solidify the fact that Trump won the election. With every win, Americans subconsciously see Trump as the winner; which he is. And in his latest win in another so called “battleground state”, Trump gets more votes.

A Pennsylvania judge reversed a lower court decision thus tossing 2,349 ballots without dates in Alleghany County. And this won’t be the end of the drip campaign where the Trmp team nickels and dimes their way to more votes.

The Trump team has filed multiple lawsuits in the Keystone State alleging voter irregularities and potential voter fraud. These lawsuits will impact potentially illegal ballots tossed out in Montgomery and Bucks County and across the state.

But again, don’t get caught up on these victories to get Trump over the hump. They are merely good press. Because as I said on my radio show and KEV Talks on YouTube, the Democrats will recount and let Trump almost get caught up, then declare victory for Biden.

Still, all these “irregularities” bolster Trump’s case in the court of public opinion and soon in the courts in general. And in the latter, Trump will make his biggest gains.

The long game

Trump’s legal team knows they can’t win by a few votes. They must prove that Trump had a mandate. Because proving that Trump had a mandate proves that Democrats didn’t. And everybody in America and around the world knows that no serious American wanted Biden as president. That fact begs the question how a man who couldn’t get 10 people to a rally can win an election with 10 million more votes than the most popular Democrat ever born.

Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, said recently at a press conference that in states including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona, the legal team found “more than double the number of votes needed to overturn the election, in terms of provable, illegal ballots.”

Trust me, Rudy is short by a multiplier. That number is more likely 3X-5X, than 2X

Giuliani cited general “lawsuits” and “affidavits” to support his claim. And if you look into the affidavits, clearly Democrats used every trick in the well-worn playbook to run this fraud.

But Giuliani didn’t stop there. He claimed there was voter fraud in “big cities” controlled by Democrats. “The number of voter fraud cases in Philadelphia could fill a library,” Giuliani said.

In Pennsylvania, Giuliani alleged, 682,770 ballots “were put in, cast, and weren’t inspected”; votes Giuliani believes should be void.

There were “two different standards” in parts of the state of PA when it came to counting ballots, referencing so-called “cured” ballots, the lawyer added.

The courts will have much to chew on. And ultimately this election could end up in the Supreme Court. The smart move by Democrats would be to let Trump win and pray he stops digging.

Don’t worry; Democrats rarely make the smart move, and they won’t here. Because their political lives rest in the balance.

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