Democrats’ Dilemma: States Voting Statistics

While the fake news media continues to ignore the obvious, they don’t realize the resolve of the people who support Trump.

By my estimate, Trump got 80 million votes in an election that had about 140 million legal votes, and 20 million illegal, non-existent ones. That’s 80 million Conservatives versus 60 million Leftists. Indeed, we have much more support than they do.

And who could support those braindead zombies of the Democratic Party? Visit any major city to witness how Hollywood imitates life. “The Walking Dead”.

Historically, in a GREAT election 61 percent of the people vote. Thus, a large swath of the country simply doesn’t care about politics. They are content to ignore that aspect of life, and represent the blissfully ignorant.

Given that part of the electorate, how can Democrats explain another example of voter “irregularities”?

From Nevada’s own state election site:

Total Ballots Cast: 1,327,394. Total Votes: 1,405,376

Source: https://www.nvsos.Gov/sos/home/showdocument?id=9054



According to these numbers there are 77,982 more votes in the presidential election in Nevada than ballots. And of course, Biden currently enjoys a +33,596 margin.

Snopes attempts to debunk these numbers, and here is what they reported:

Here’s the most recent data from these states. The number of registered voters comes from the election websites of the respective states and shows data from just before the start of the election (some states allow same-day registration, which is not reflected in the data below), and the number of votes cast comes from the most recent election data (as of noon CST on Nov. 5, 2020) reported by The New York Times:

Nevada: 1,821,356 registered voters / 1,221,403 votes
Pennsylvania: 9,091,371 registered voters / 6,424,679 votes
Minnesota: 3,588,563 registered voters /  3,257,507 votes
North Carolina: 7,361,219 registered voters / 5,461,810 votes
Wisconsin: 3,684,726 registered voters / 3,297,420 votes
Michigan: 8,127,040 registered voters / 5,515,817 votes
Arizona: 4,281,152 registered voters / 2,910,677 votes
Georgia: 7,233,584 registered voters / 4,919,922 votes

Understanding that in the 2008 election, the most participated by ratio since 1980, prior to this one, 61 percent of Americans voted. Look at each of these states ratios based on Snopes’ numbers:

  • NV 67%
  • PA 70%
  • MN 91%
  • NC 74%
  • WI 89%
  • MI 63%
  • AZ 68%
  • GA 68%

Not a single state is at or near the level of the HIGHEST PERFORMING ELECTION IN HISTORY. They ALL outperformed the best election in history!

Below is a chart going back to 1980. It shows the Year, # of voting age voters, # of LEGAL voting age voters, # of voters in the election, and percentages based on voting age voters and all voters:

Interesting that in every battleground state, the voters outperformed the average, some beating it by almost 30 percent! This is a statistical impossibility.

Anybody think Braindead Biden drove these numbers? Was it the excitement over his presidency?

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