We’re Still Counting, So Now What?

Democrats stacked the deck against Donald Trump the moment he took the 2016 victory. We knew that coming into election day. Even though, many of us couldn’t fathom they’d go this far.

But they did, and now we must mobilize our base. 

Clearly, there was no blue wave. The pollsters screwed the pooch on that one. But if I’m being honest, there’s no red wave either. So what does that mean? Were people complacent? That seems unlikely. As I reported several times, the country was flooded with Trump rallies when Trump wasn’t even present. Pop up parades circled the streets. Trump’s popularity is like nothing I’ve seen in my lifetime. But it is rivaled by a hatred that runs so deep, it leaves us all questioning whether this election is plagued with fraud.

Donald Trump started election day in a deficit. Because the promises of a blue wave already controlled the narrative. In fact, my son has screen shots of states that were called for Biden with less than half the votes reported. One state showed blue with 0% reporting. How can that be?

The Offenders

There are too many instances of ballots found in the trash, ballots coming in late at night or beyond the deadlines, courts creating laws as opposed to enforcing them, and these issues cannot be ignored.

So, we will wait. We will wait for lawsuits to be settled, recounts to be completed, and the math to be checked and double-checked. Without Donald Trump, the United States takes a huge leap backwards. So we pray. We pray for honest poll-workers, fair results, and an election worthy of the democracy we boast.

Meanwhile, who is the biggest enemy we face right now? The mainstream media alongside the social media wizards. These people are no longer vessels of free speech. Instead, they are tools of propaganda.

This morning my newsfeed is peppered with headlines that make me ashamed. First, I saw this one: “Anderson Cooper: Trump’s an Obese Turtle Flailing in the Hot Sun Who Wants to Take America Down with Him.” Are you kidding me? Trump took the America dragged down by leftism and reinflated its glory.

Trump cares about blacks, minorities, women, safety, and our economy. He took us out of the bad deals we allowed ourselves to be suckered into. But by all means, some spoiled, entitled “journalist” who only made a name for himself because of his mother’s fame should tell us how to feel about the greatest president in modern history. And why? Because Cooper plays the age old cards- Trump doesn’t support gays (which by the way is false) and Trump’s a racist. If only I had a dollar for every time someone tried called Trump racist- then I’d be in Trump’s tax bracket for sure!

Which brings me to this next headline:

“Van Jones, David Axelrod Suggests Trump Is A Racist For Questioning Vote Counting In Philadelphia, Detroit.”

Thus, it is a racist move to demand a fair count and honest results.

The Daily Caller adds:

CNN contributor Van Jones and former White House advisor David Axelrod suggested that President Donald Trump is a racist for questioning the election count proceedings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Detroit, Michigan.

Calling those cities “two of the most corrupt political places anywhere in our country, easily,” Trump on Thursday said they “cannot be responsible for engineering the outcome of a presidential race.”

“Let’s just be really blunt about this,” Axelrod said during a panel segment on CNN’s “Out Front with Erin Burnett.” “Why is he talking about Detroit? Why is he talking about Philadelphia? It’s not subtle, it’s race! It’s race! And it’s Donald Trump’s go-to play, and it’s disgusting.”

“I appreciate you teeing it up,” said Jones. “It’s unbelievable that he can say these cities are known for corruption, et cetera, et cetera. There’s corruption all across this country in every institution. Why are you singling out these two black cities? Why are you denying the victory that these people have fought for?”

“We went and we got young, African-Americans across this country to believe, to buy in, to stand in line, to do this thing and have the president of the United States crap all over their efforts it hurts and you can say he didn’t mean it to be racial, but it feels racial to us. It’s disgraceful,” he continued.

Trump’s behavior isn’t disgraceful.

What’s disgraceful is using race over and over again to divide. Every time we hear something we don’t like, we can’t play the race card.

In fact, if you’re old enough to vote, you should be mature enough to handle situations in which you don’t win. Or your opinion isn’t among the majority. Sadly, this is where liberals fall short the most. If their opinion isn’t winning, they manipulate the narrative.

And that’s precisely what we see now. The mainstream media and big tech are working together to control the narrative.

Already, this site has been subjected to intense censorship. Further, Facebook made clear their intentions to block posts about the election if certain key words were factored in. Now, they took censorship up a notch by blocking election day hashtags from trending.

As Fox Business adds:

Facebook has blocked the hashtags #StopTheSteal and #Sharpiegate to prevent the spread of misinformation as election results show narrowing margins in battleground states determining who wins the White House, the company confirmed to FOX Business.

The hashtags, which help to increase the exposure of certain posts on the platform, refer to claims that Democrats are trying to steal the election from Republicans and that Arizona election officials provided voters with Sharpie markers for their ballots in an attempt to invalidate votes.

Where’s the Truth?

I’m not in Arizona, nor do I possess practical knowledge of a sharpie’s effect on ballots, but I do know one thing. As Americans, we have the right to speculate. We have the right to join together and discuss what we believe is going on. Facebook wants to wrap this up with a bow on top and pretend they are protecting the integrity of our elections, but they’re doing anything but! When you censor free people and only present the opposing side, you’re not promoting freedom. You’re executing propaganda. And that, my friends, is the real truth.

Like you, I am stressed over the coming days and weeks of lawsuits, voter fraud claims, protests, and civil unrest. But I won’t take to the streets and burn down a building. I won’t loot my local businesses or physically attack my neighbors. Further, I won’t cause property damage or call for the defunding of my police department. Can the liberals you know make the same promises? If so, then we’ll all be just fine. The problem is that too many liberals can’t make the same promises. Especially when the mainstream media encourages ugliness at every turn.



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