Strain of Politics: AOC Can’t Take the Heat

You know things are bad when you go from making tips as a bartender to making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and you want to leave your new gig.

Post-election, I can only imagine what Speaker Pelosi said to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I’m betting the conversation was, “If we can get Trump, we can get anybody!”.

After the biggest “theoretical” and short-term victory for Democrats, one would think that AOC would be beaming. However, she acts like her dog died.

She commented:

“I don’t even know if I want to be in politics. You know, for real, in the first six months of my term, I didn’t even know if I was going to run for re-election this year,” she added. “It’s the incoming; it’s the stress. And it’s the violence. It’s the lack of support from your own party; it’s your own party thinking you’re the enemy.”

LOL. AOC admits that her own party can’t stand her. How bad must you be when Democrats don’t like you? And she thought she was the belle of the ball having connived her way into office, her moronic ideas even challenged the sensibility of the braindead Democrat establishment.

But remember, AOC isn’t truly a politician. She’s an actress. And she was hired by the Justice Democrats to do a specific job. If you are somehow unaware of the puppeteers at play, click here and we’ll fill you in. Once you realize AOC isn’t a true lover of the political game, it’s much easier to understand why she’s ready to jump ship.

For now, AOC gives herself 50/50 for running or retiring. I’m guessing once she earns that fat congressional pension, her vortex will suck the papers from her office and she will leave quickly.

“But I’m serious when I tell people the odds of me running for higher office and the odds of me just going off trying to start a homestead somewhere — they’re probably the same,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

AOC believes she could influence people in the tight elections. You know, like Obama did in PA?

If this were a Trump rally, the parking lot would be full, and thousands would be waiting. AOC feels rather Trumpian, and wants the Democrats to put her in the game.

She commented,

“I’ve been begging the party to let me help them for two years. That’s also the damn thing of it. I’ve been trying to help. Before the election, I offered to help every single swing district Democrat with their operation. And every single one of them, but five, refused my help. So all five of the vulnerable or swing district people that I helped secured victory or are on a path to secure victory. [Furthermore] every single one that rejected my help is losing. And now they’re blaming us for their loss.”

If only they had listened to her, the Democrats wouldn’t have lost what will eventually be about 18-20 seats to the Republicans.

She’s practically pleading with the Democrats to listen, akin to Marvin Gaye:

“So I need my colleagues to understand that we are not the enemy. And that their base is not the enemy. That the Movement for Black Lives is not the enemy, that Medicare for all is not the enemy. This isn’t even just about winning an argument. It’s that if they keep going after the wrong thing, I mean, they’re just setting up their own obsolescence,” she said.

Memo to AOC. The Democratic Party is D.E.A.D. It happened in 2016 and will continue at least through 2024.

Her socialist view died with her party, as America is hip to the game. No more cheating forces accountability on the government. AOC will soon find that she is in the minority of the minority party. And then she and many others will quit. Because no longer will Democrats control election outcomes. Accordingly, AOC is out, whether she likes it or not.

Truthfully, nobody will miss AOC. Her own party snubs her for the right reasons. And Conservatives have never respected her, as she is dumber than members of the Congressional Black Circus. America needs smart, non-corrupt leadership. And you won’t find that in the Party of Lynching of Black People.


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