Trump Says: You’re FIRED!

President Trump cleaned house again, jettisoning one of his own. And rightfully so.

Trump fired his head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), namely Christopher Krebs for making what must have been the most insane comment recently regarding the attempted coup that the media calls the most recent presidential election. In a statement, Krebs called the 2020 presidential election “the most secure in U.S. history“.

Krebs is not an Obama-era holdover, but a graduate of the Antonin Scalia Law School at Georgetown. Still, don’t let the name of the great SCOTUS judge on the law school fool you; because Krebs still went to Georgetown.

Back to Krebs’ statement

How could Krebs possibly make this statement in light of obvious evidence of vote tampering? One of the IT gurus for Dominion hates President Trump. He’s been removed from the website listing the Dominion IT management team. Further, over 100 Dominion employees removed Dominion from their resumes. Finally, Biden’s “transition team” leader is top management at the company that counted the votes!

The president was right to push back against Krebs’ asinine comment. President Trump attacked Krebs for his ‘highly inaccurate’ statement arguing, ‘there were mass improprieties and fraud’ in the election.

As if you need any more evidence of why Krebs should be fired, understand that Krebs oversaw the election’s security effort to fight against foreign interference and fraud. Yep, exactly.

The man who was supposed to stop foreign interference fell asleep at the wheel. Dominion Voting Systems is Canadian-owned, and uses BANNED software from Venezuela. And the software has one purpose: to allow elites to electronically cheat in elections.

Do I really need to mention Scytl, another voting software company owned by a foreign entity that help cheat in this election?

But that wasn’t Krebs’ only role. He was also behind a ‘Rumor Control’ website debunking election misinformation claims. Oh, the irony.

You can bet that CNN or MSNBC has a job waiting for this incompetent clown.

Still, RINOs and other Leftists immediately denounced President Trump’s move.

Former Republican Homeland Security Advisor Thomas P. Bossert said: ‘Chris Krebs made America safer and our election system more secure. Thank you for your service, Chris. Well done.’

GOP Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska similarly applauded Krebs saying: ‘He obviously should not be fired.’

Fear not, America. The truth will come out on how the Democrats cheated. And we won’t wait on some stupid bureaucratic report like that of John Durham. That’s because competent civilians are involved. Plus, the clock is ticking.

Sidney Powell said it best, when she warned Joe Biden to concede the election before he spends his remaining few years in prison for knowing cheating in the last presidential election. But Biden won’t be the only head that finds itself in the guillotine.


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