What’s Happening to Dominion Employees?

President Trump issued an Executive Order on election integrity and interference by foreign entities. Under that order, America’s mid-terms and recent presidential election were performed under a national emergency.

The gist of that order is that any foreign entity that interferes with America’s elections will have hell to pay. And anybody supporting them foreign OR DOMESTIC will pay the same.

This seems to be enough to scare the sh*t out of Dominion’s employees. The other day, I read explaining that over 100 Dominion employees mysteriously removed Dominion from their resumes on LinkedIn.

The timeline is interesting. Because on November 6, Dominion had 243 employees. However, only 10 days later on November 16, the LinkedIn page for Dominion showed only 140 employees.

Here is the screenshot verifying that information:

We got these screenshots off the internet, but this story has been verified by additional sources. Further, go to LinkedIn and you can verify this information for yourself.

I suspect the number of Dominion Voting Systems employees will continue to dwindle in light of President Trump’s EO.

Nobody wants to be in the crosshairs of an angry U.S. president who has fought off yet another coup attempt.

Still, there are employees who remain at the company. As it turns out many of the software engineers who work on the voting machines are located in Serbia.

Since we live in a global society, I understand outsourcing. Perhaps software engineers are cheap in Serbia these days. Nevertheless, it’s my understanding that the real software being use by Dominion is banned software from Venezuela. A software whose sole intent is to offer the ruling class the ability to manipulate election results.

Did the Serbs enhance the software used to attempt the coup on President Trump? I don’t know. But I suspect we will know a lot more soon, as Trump’s software gurus begin dissecting Dominion’s software.

Regardless, it’s tick tock for Democrats. Because the truth will be found here. And it won’t be good for the Party of Lynching of Black People.


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