America is at Stage 6: Wuflu Scam Checklist

By now, the world knows that Wuflu, aka Covid-19 is a scam.

Ironically, in the epicenter of the outbreak, Chinese revelers party like rock stars, sans mask or Draconian restrictions. Meanwhile the rest of the world continues the ruse.

America politicians used the virus in their blatant, in-your-face attempt to thwart the 2020 election. We aren’t supposed to discuss the obvious, since the narrative of the big steal needs to remain an open secret.

And with the possibility of new elections in America, the Wuflu lies must continue as well.

Take a look at the list of objectives, and you can clearly see where the world finds itself on the Wuflu Lie Continuum:

Just in time for Christmas! The present of a mutated virus.

I literally talked about this on my radio show. The concept that politicians know they have the public’s permission to invoke lockdowns, mask mandates, and so on, whenever the politicians deem prudent. Politically.

Daily we are bombarded with meaningless Wuflu stats on new infections and deaths. Yet no one puts the ratio in perspective. Endless droning about how safe we need to be with measures that offer as much safety as putting a band-aid on a bullet hole.

But there is hope.

The American Revolution 2.0

Americans are tired of masking the situation. It’s beyond time to expose this farce for what it is: an attempt to destroy this country and everything that makes it great. But liberals didn’t take into account one thing when they planned this coup. And that is the American Spirit.

Within each of us lies a legacy of greatness. Men and women who fought extreme hardships to get here. They settled the land and built the farms. And for the past two-hundred and forty-four years, this country grew stronger because of the fruits of that labor. We are still a country of warriors.

If you don’t believe me, take his word for it.

Americans are ready. They stand armed. And if liberals don’t turn this ship around, a revolution will go down in history as another moment of American greatness.

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