Biden Tests “New” Slogan: America First

If I were to give Creepy Joe Biden one compliment, it would be that he has good taste.

Thus, Biden only plagiarizes the best of the best.

Unfortunately for Joe’s followers, Biden’s never been above such scandals. “Lie, cheat, and steal” seem to be Biden’s real motto.

Consider this excerpt from The Washington Post, circa 1988.

Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr., a U.S. senator from Delaware, was driven from the nomination battle after delivering, without attribution, passages from a speech by British Labor party leader Neil Kinnock. A barrage of subsidiary revelations by the press also contributed to Biden’s withdrawal: a serious plagiarism incident involving Biden during his law school years; the senator’s boastful exaggerations of his academic record at a New Hampshire campaign event; and the discovery of other quotations in Biden’s speeches pilfered from past Democratic politicians.

The year before, Biden faced a separate plagiarism scandal.

Allegations surfaced in 1987 that Biden had plagiarized parts of a 1965 paper he wrote while in the Syracuse University Law School. Biden held a press conference at the time admitting to the accusations.

Like his crooked peers, Biden decided to air his dirty laundry between the pages of a paperback. Thus, he wrote his 2008 memoir Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics. Liberals credit Biden for “owning up” to his transgressions. However, his sincerity is seriously questionable, especially considering Biden’s most recent actions.

Cheater, Cheater, Swamp-dwelling Bottom Feeder

According to Mike Pence, Biden’s WuFlu plan looked an awful lot like the plan he implemented under Trump’s administration.

Thus, it’s no surprise to start the day with another Biden plagiarism scheme.

According to Breitbart: 

Former Vice President Joe Biden has trashed President Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy, but used the slogan in an interview published Wednesday in the New York Times.

Biden spoke to columnist Thomas Friedman, whose article is titled “Biden: ‘We’re Going to Fight Like Hell by Investing in America First’.” He used the term in an economic sense — echoing President Trump, though claiming that Trump had not gone far enough in investing in American industry.

Friedman wrote:

When dealing with China, Biden concluded, it is all about “leverage,” and “in my view, we don’t have it yet.”

Part of generating more leverage, though, is developing a bipartisan consensus at home for some good old American industrial policy — massive, government-led investments in American research and development, infrastructure and education to better compete with China — and not just complain about it. Both Democratic and Republican senators have draft bills calling for such a strategy. The U.S. semiconductor industry in particular has been lobbying for such an approach.

“I want to make sure we’re going to fight like hell by investing in America first,” said Biden. He ticked off energy, biotech, advanced materials and artificial intelligence as areas ripe for large-scale government investment in research. “I’m not going to enter any new trade agreement with anybody until we have made major investments here at home and in our workers” and in education, he said.

Biden’s foreign policy team has attacked the “America First” idea, claiming that it means alienating U.S. allies. Last month, the Times reported: “President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. makes no secret of the speed with which he plans to bury ‘America First’ as a guiding principle of the nation’s foreign policy.”

So now, Biden expects us to believe he is a friend “of the people.”

This is the same man who couldn’t tell the truth about the tragic loss of his wife and baby without fluffing up the story with a fake drunk driver. The same man who partnered with his son to sell the Oval Office to China. Yet, leftists dare ask us to back this political hack.

The truth is, not everyone gets Donald Trump. But we’ve all tasted the poof in the pudding. And it’s far more satisfying than Biden’s doom and gloom souffle.


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