It’s Time for Nancy Pelosi to be Impeached

In a CNN interview in 2019, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra said of her mother, “She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding.”

Let that sink in.

That’s what a daughter said about her mother. She laughed, like being ruthless is what every child dreams of for their mother and grandmother. It’s a sickening testimony of just how much of a corrupt liar our Speaker of the House actually is. I personally didn’t need the daughter to point that out to me – I’ve witnessed the evil within Nancy Pelosi for decades. Just to be clear – I wouldn’t want her as my mother. I don’t even want her as my Speaker.

Nancy Pelosi will stop at absolutely nothing to soothe and feed her greed for money and power. She has sold her soul to the devil, even when she accepts Holy Communion on Sundays. She has spent months denying and rejecting the Covid relief bill. She’s admitted after the sham election results that say that Biden has won, that yes, indeed – she held out until a new president was elected. Her callous disregard for the unprecedented corruption in stealing this election is further evidence of how her Pelosi power comes first. Above all else – especially integrity.

Let that sink in too.

On December 4th, Pelosi says it wasn’t a “mistake” to hold off from getting a relief bill out there to all the small businesses and Americans that needed it so badly – she said it was a “decision.” That’s right, Nancy Pelosi made a ruthless decision to exclude any business, family, or individual in desperate need of government assistance during a world pandemic. Wow, wouldn’t you love to be friends with this gal?

Unequivocally, she made the conscious decision to withhold aid to millions of Americans that needed help because she was playing politics while families were drowning. It’s not really surprising, is it – she lives in an obscene house in San Francisco, while her city’s inhabitants are homeless, sick, and addicted. And yet, she sleeps well at night while her constituents rot on the street. You would have to be devoid of all emotion and conscience to decide to purposely hurt so many hard-working and deserving Americans. And there you have it: abject inhumanity.

It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to be impeached.

Okay, technically a member of Congress cannot be impeached.

The punishments that a Member of Congress would face are:
  • Censured
  • Expulsion from Congress

In other words, we can have them FIRED! If that’s not Trump’s favorite word, I can’t imagine what is.

Back to Pelosi. She is corrupt, greedy, and savagely inhumane. Maybe her daughter thinks the same. After all, she laughed at her description and finished off with a warning that it isn’t good to bet against her mother. Pelosi stalled all negotiations over months and months as Americans lost their businesses and their homes. Many moving out of cities, where there are no more jobs, and where it is no longer safe. Desperate Americans on the brink of disaster and Nancy Pelosi is playing politics with their lives. Impeach her.

And if you wonder the real reason she hates Trump, it’s simple. He sees through the old hag.

Her nonchalance about the severity of Eric Swalwell getting bang banged by Fang Fang is stunning.

In a New York Post article dated December 12th, the paper quoted her as saying “I don’t have any concerns about Mr. Swalwell.”

He is on the Intelligence Committee and she is Speaker of the House and she has no concerns! Impeach her now! There is nothing that Nancy Pelosi won’t do to stay in power, including not safeguarding our national intelligence when a slug like Swalwell shags the Chinese chick and gives away our secrets. Fang Fang didn’t just happen upon Swalwell – she was strategically PLACED there. To do exactly what she did. Get cozy and get him to talk. And I’m sure he did. Probably sang like a canary. Another Liberal hack that sells out America for money and sex.

As it stands, Pelosi has not condemned him, nor kicked him off of the committee. And by her inaction, she gives her approval because it matters more to her to stay in power and keep the Dems in power. Even as they demonstrate regularly their willingness to sell out America. It’s true, corruption is her mantle, while her age shows her ineptitude and bad judgment. And yet her ruthlessness is still very much intact. Just ask her daughter.

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