Joe Biden: The Man with a Plan

Joe Biden is going to give amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants within the first 100 days of his presidency.

By the way, he’s not the president-elect. The election has not been certified. And no matter what liberals say, that actually matters. It may just be semantics to some, especially those that aren’t reading deeply enough into all that is happening to our great country. All at the hands of Democrats and their nonsensical and corrupt ilk, but it is a fact – he is not the president-elect.

Hopefully, he never will be. The truth is not so well disguised by these bumbling dimwits. We are uncovering it layer by layer. Saying this election was a farce is way too kind and gentle for what is really happening. This is another attempted coup. And this attempt stacks upon another one, and topped by yet another one. It’s been ongoing the past four years. But this was OUR election. The American populace. And it has been stolen from us as if we are living in a banana republic.

How did we get here?

Just for the argument’s sake, let’s say Biden does pull off this election heist. He already declared that in his first 4 months, he will undo all that Trump accomplished on immigration and delegitimize it. The guy has no original thoughts. He’s a follower. Thus Biden’s plan for his administration is simple. Obama 2.0. God help us. Because those eight years left us in shambles.

To be clear, Dems want to force mandated masks to be worn at all times. As well, they want national lockdowns for Covid-19. It’s funny how many Democrats consistently violate mask mandates and the lockdowns. Yet, the demand compliance from constituents. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s hair salon debacle? She refused to apologize because she said she was “set up.” Boy, how these Dems live in an altered reality. Let’s not leave out Governor Newsom. His efforts to enforce strict stay-at-home orders infuriated millions when Newsom was caught dining out, unmasked, with a large party. We won’t even tough the hypocrites in California. Sadly, enough liars and hypocrites sit at the very top of the hill to fill the Grand Canyon with their name tags.

My question is this:

If Biden lets loose 11 million illegals by the stroke of a pen, exactly what is his intended message? Is he saying breaking the law doesn’t matter? Or that his administration celebrates lawlessness? Heck, maybe Biden can develop a points system just like my gas station. That way, leftists and their illegal counterparts can rack up rewards for their petty crimes and not-so-petty crime waves. Where does that leave the law-abiding citizens? This is the one question no Democrat can answer with any actual logic.

Biden called Trump a xenophobe because he shut the borders down. China was first on the chopping block during the initial Covid-19 outbreak. Soon after, he shut more borders down. Joe apparently didn’t like this. He went from calling Trump a xenophobe to the typical, completely intellectual-lacking argument that all Liberals use: “it’s Trump’s fault.” These people are so lazy, they don’t bother even creating a different excuse. As such, the President is judged a xenophobe by trying to keep us safe. Damn that Trump! He tried to lock out else that carried the virus.

Every mother knows you don’t let the neighbor’s kids in until everyone’s over the flu. Well, every mother but Nancy Pelosi, who stood in Chinatown telling everyone to come on down, and not to worry about Covid. Apparently, it was a joke to Pelosi and Biden.

Biden is all in for us to wear masks– mandated masks, that is. He’s all in for lockdowns. So, I want to make sure I have this right: Biden’s going to exonerate 11 million illegals for illegal behavior which is going to set off a rush of more illegals coming to our borders claiming asylum or crashing through our borders while you sit idly by saying it’s ok, we don’t care, please come in.

And with more undocumented immigrants that are all traveling together, sitting and sleeping close to each other, brings into my homeland MORE COVID carriers. Super Spreaders to be exact.

Seriously, I’m having trouble getting this straight: Lockdown the citizens of the United States of America or we risk going to jail, and exonerate 11 million illegals for breaking the law and then open the flood gates for every illegal, undocumented, non-vaccinated person to come into our country.

Do I have this straight?

Because the logic doesn’t jive. Biden supports locking up Americans for trying to open up their businesses and going to work to earn a living while exonerating illegals breaking the law, and then welcoming hundreds of thousands of more illegals that will surely bring in Covid at unimaginable levels. It will overwhelm our cities and our country just like at the onset of the pandemic in March 2020. Maybe even more.

For the guy who served with the most-inept president in recent history, you will far surpass that stupidity, sir. Just on this issue alone.

“America Last” is Biden’s motto. Of course, it was also his and Barack’s. Nothing to be proud of there. You didn’t win this election, but if your corrupt attempts do put you in the White House – get ready for the real coup to begin. As soon as Biden’s covid policies take over, we will witness the end of the Democratic Party once and for all. As it should be.

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