Massive Investigation into Bidens Underway

As one of my friends used to say, “If one buzzard is circling, something might be dead. But if ten buzzards are circling, something’s dead!”.

For the Biden family, there are ten buzzards circling. Something’s definitely dead.

Let’s begin with Joe Biden’s already tattered reputation. He was warned not to run for president. And he must be wondering, “WTF!”. He did what he was told. Stay in his basement bunker and wait on Democrats to orchestrate the most massive attempted coup in history. So why are they turning on him now.

Simple answer: they never wanted Biden in the first place. Biden offered the most “gravitas” for them to perpetrate “the big cheat”. But now that they feel they’ve accomplished this (they haven’t), they need an even bigger puppet.

Enter Kamala Harris.

The chick who slept her way to the top has NO idea how to run a country. And she’s certainly not presidential, unless strapping a mattress to your back is considered such. In retrospect, I chuckle at the idea of Trump’s presidential decorum in comparison.

Clearly, Democrats have no further use for Biden. So he’s fair game. Thus, we get new revelations, and not limited to just Hunter.

4 Federal criminal investigations.

And only a couple of weeks ago, there was a gag order on anything involving the Bidens. In fact, Joe Biden categorically denied that his son had any wrongdoings in Ukraine, China, Russia, or anywhere else. Biden the Elder further denied any involvement.

I’m betting we will learn differently on all counts soon. Because Captain Demento is being jettisoned from the pilot seat.

Now imagine if Donald Trump had been embroiled in such controversies prior to the election. Think the media would have taken a hands-off approach to the story then? Don covering for Don Jr, who is a crackhead that loves sex and evades paying his taxes; oh, and his “baby mama drama”?

But now there are not one, not two, but four criminal investigations suddenly. Think Democrats could have spun Biden getting 81 million votes with that albatross hanging around his neck?

And let’s be clear. ALL these investigations are legit.

Hey social media Gestapo sluts, any chance you will now declare yourselves “fake news?” After all the censoring, it turns out this story is true. Just like massive voter fraud.

Imagine being in the room when Democrat elites issued the go-ahead to get Biden. What a thrill to see some smug Leftist say to the others: “I think Joe served his usefulness. Get rid of him!”

Some minion then delivers the marching orders and talking points to the media. The media, in orchestrated fashion, reports the bad news to the Bidens.

Did they even tip them off?

I wrote of Hunter Biden’s desperate plea recently. He lamented that his father would not allow him to speak to media; instead directing the New York Times to his former partner, “Eric”.

“I get calls from my father to tell me that the New York Times is calling, but my old partner Eric who literally has done me harm for I don’t know how long is the one taking the calls because my father will not stop sending the calls to Eric.”

Next step? The Trump Card

President Trump declares foreign interference in our elections. Then he seizes the assets of all the leaders of the social media platforms, and confiscates their companies.

Afterwards, he does the same to the fake news media outlets.

Then, America gets to see the perp walks. All the crook politicians who participated in the various ruses over the past 4 years. Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, et al. Can you imagine everybody who would be arrested if we knew the whole truth?

Half of Obama’s previous administration would be in Club Fed or Gitmo. And deservedly so.

No way Joe Biden steers clear of this one. Democrats now target the man they chose for execution. I plan on watching closely how Biden handles the new position he finds himself in. Clearly, “Dr.” Jill will have her hands full.

When this is all over, Democrats will regret their gross misdeeds. Hopefully, they’ll regret it enough not to try this kind of coup again.


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