NEW Emails Reveal Hunter Biden Leverage Joe Biden in Burisma Deal

No surprise that Hunter Biden brokered access to his father to get the family their lucrative “pay to play” deal with Burisma.

Just the News got the information. And here is what they reported.

In the weeks before he landed a deal with a Ukrainian gas company in 2014, Hunter Biden strategized with his business partner on how to leverage an upcoming official trip to Kiev by his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to clinch the lucrative arrangement, according to emails obtained a year ago by the FBI.

The communications reviewed by Just the News show that the younger Biden referred to his father as “my guy” and took credit for “adding value” because the vice president made comments to Ukrainian leaders about natural gas production that might benefit his new client.

The memos also show how Hunter Biden pressed to get Burisma Holdings to sign some sort of consulting deal with him and his business partner Devon Archer before the U.S. vice president visited Ukraine on April 21-22, 2014.

“The contract should begin now — not after the upcoming visit of my guy,” Hunter Biden wrote Archer in a detailed strategy email on April 13, 2014, a week before his father’s high-profile visit.

Hey media, is this thing on?

You don’t need to be an investigative reporter or a psychic to know where this ends. With Joe Biden getting his cut of the deal negotiated by his crackhead son.

I know. So what else is new? Just validation of what we already know.

Just the News continues,

The memo shows Hunter Biden already knew he was going to be appointed to Burisma’s board along with Archer in mid-April 2014 — a month before it was announced — and that he also wanted Burisma to pay an additional consulting fee to him or his law firm Boies Schiller Flexner, referred to in the emails as “BSF.”

The deal with Burisma “should include a retainer in the range of 25k p/m w/ additional fees where appropriate for more in depth work to go to BSF for our protection,” Hunter Biden wrote. “Complete separate from our respective deals re board participation.”

All these deals. And for a guy who knew nothing about oil and gas. Hunter Biden brought nothing more to the table than his father’s willingness to sell out American taxpayers.

Expect the media to do anything? Expect Leftists to be outraged to learn that the man they didn’t vote for leads a crooked family enterprise?

Frankly, I find it impressive that a braindead guy put his crackhead son in charge of the family’s financial future, and nobody bats an eyelash. This is the type of crap you see on Maury, at least. And what a Hollywood story!

“Crooked, coked up, and crazy, the Bidens didn’t let their maladies stop them. Proving the Leftists version of the American dream can be had anywhere, catch the Bidens’ story of fatherly love and loyalty…to the family!”

This is exactly why no special counsel is needed. Because we have every shred of evidence.

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