Old Republican Relic Goes ROGUE on Trump

Some people need to know their place. Especially failed presidential candidates, Republican relics, RINOs, and other Never Trumpers.

It’s interesting to hear losers comment on what Trump should do. Various has-been or never-were Republicans who don’t realize that Trump ushered in a new day for republicanism. Trump put the “I CAN” in Republican. And he also restored the Republic in the same word.

Still, RINO relics want Trump to play nice in the coup attempt. They have been begged by Democrats to chime in and get Trump to play ball.

How desperate must Democrats be to ask former Senator Bob Dole to comment. Shouldn’t he be worried about catching the Wuflu?

But the 1996 Republican loser and now 97-year-old issues a statement to President Trump:

“The election is over and Biden will be president on January 20. I know the president has not conceded and he may never concede, but he will not be in the White House on January 21.”

The Daily Wire reports:

“It’s a pretty bitter pill for Trump, but it’s a fact he lost,” Dole added, who lost to former President Bill Clinton 24 years ago. “It’ll take him a while to accept that.”

Dole went on to compliment Biden, saying, “He’s a friend of mine and he was a good chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Senate. He did a good job. Proud to be a liberal — hopefully not too liberal — but he knows how the government works and the Congress works and all this will be a benefit to Joe.”

Dole also maintained that he hopes the GOP can keep a majority in the Senate as a check on a Democrat-controlled White House and House of Representatives.

“Right now it’s over and Biden will be president. And we all hope he’ll do a good job and not be too liberal. He’s got a lot of liberal ideas. We’ll see if we can keep the Senate,” Dole said.

I’d take that bet about Trump being in the White House. And while I respect my elders for the most part, I suggest Bob Dole enjoy what little time he has left. Leave the politics to the new breed of Republican.

Frankly, I’m sick of the old guard Republicans who give up so easily. When you consider the actions of people like Bob Dole in retrospect, you clearly see why Republicans advanced no ideas under these pikers.

Trump energizes the new Republican; the person who willingly fights for our rights. We know we won this election. So why in the hell would we allow Democrats to win on the big cheat?!

I say to the relics and non-confrontational types, “Is there anything worth fighting for?!”

What does it take for you to realize you are in a life or death situation? Fight or flight?

I can’t count the number of people who have said to me in the past month, “We know we won, but Democrats want us to prove it!”

Prove it?! We’ve proven it a thousand times over! Biden can’t get more votes than 2008 Obama…PERIOD. Biden can’t get more votes than 2012 Obama…PERIOD!

Biden couldn’t beat the crappy group of Democrats he faced without help from handlers. So only a FOOL would truly believe Biden beat Trump legitimately.

Common sense aside, we have the NUMBERS. The data. And that isn’t lying either. Yet the Democrats claim Trump wants to “steal” what is rightfully his? Total nonsense.

We fight for election justice! Nothing more or less. And when we get the crooks who tried to pull this off, frankly I hope they face a firing squad. Truthfully, that would be too nice for them.

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