Pelosi Delivers SMACKDOWN to AOC

In what can only be a crystal clear signal, Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered a smackdown to AOC.

According to Fox News:

The House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee on Thursday voted to seat Rep. Kathleen Rice on a coveted committee over her New York colleague Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the latest example of House Democrats bucking the firebrand who represents Brooklyn and Queens.

With five open slots on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., nominated four people and left the fifth spot open for members to choose between the two New Yorkers in a vote, according to Politico. The outlet reported that Rice decisively won the vote 46-13.

The Energy and Commerce Committee handles some of the most critical legislation in the House, from the environment to health care to nuclear facilities. Its site says that it “has the broadest jurisdiction of any authorizing committee in Congress.”

The defeat for Ocasio-Cortez comes after the high-profile lawmaker entering her second term made combative comments about Democratic leadership in Congress in an interview on “The Intercept” this week.

The news is far worse than it seems for Democrats.

Democrats admit in this vote that AOC and her “green new deal” represent window-dressing. Red meat for the most ardent Democrats.

When it comes to rewarding those who push for this catastrophic legislation, Democrats know where the voting public lies on the issue.

Make no mistake about it, however. Pelosi punished AOC for her insolence. What she did at the Democrat convention caused a serious rift in “The Big Steal”.

After all, how can you steal an election when the Bernie or Bust crowd won’t participate? AOC and Bernie threw off the polling, and almost ruined the attempted coup.

Sadly for Democrats, the coup won’t work. So they will soon be far behind square one when Trump begins his second term.

And Democrats will never be able to cheat again after Trump is finished with them.

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