President Trump Just GUTTED Crooked CIA

In a move that reinforces my view that President Trump plans on having his rightful second term, he just gutted the CIA.

Without the support of special forces, the CIA is mostly made up of bureaucrats. Sure, the agency manages a few “sin eaters” to do their dirty work. However, when the sh*t hits the fan, they need Special Ops like Biden needs Dominion.

Now that support is dissipating.

In the first reference to CIA Director Gina Haspel in weeks, reports claim Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller sent a letter to the (former) CIA Director Gina Haspel Wednesday. And in that letter Miller informed the embattled agency that the Department of Defense would be reviewing its military support of the clandestine agency.

This latest development makes sense. Especially given what happened in Germany where the server farm was raided. If indeed the raid occurred at a CIA front, then the move makes sense.

Citing anonymous sources, Defense One reported that DOD was reviewing whether military personnel assigned as “detail” to counterterrorism operators should instead be redeployed; perhaps in Russia or China. Smart move, given all we know and continue to learn about the Chinese infiltration of America’s political system.

Another thing to note is Miller targets areas where the Biden “foreign policy” racketeering may have occurred.

Defense One notes the move was set in motion by “Trump loyalist” Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Ezra Cohen-Watnick. As a point of reference, President Trump appointed Cohen-Watnick two days after Election Day.

Clearly in the wake of the voter-fraud-packed election President Trump understood the enormity of what had happened. With rumors that the CIA may very well have helped in his attempted overthrow–a second attempt–Trump definitely shook things up.

They forced his hand. And remember that Chuck Schumer warned of what the clandestine agencies were capable of. Further, Schumer accused Republicans of hurting the country with the right wing’s refusal to admit defeat. Meanwhile, his own refusal to acknowledge Biden’s unlikely odds of winning proves Trump must drain the swamp just to stay alive.

Democrats clearly hope today will seal their fate. And they’re right. But there’s a chance, it won’t go the way they assume it will.

According the left’s favorite “news” outlet, CNN, the Electoral College vote happening today isn’t the end of the line leftists believe it to be. These votes go straight to Congress. Then, a joint session headed by VP Mike Pence tallies the votes. From there, Congress has to certify the win.

While some Republicans are preparing for a Biden Administration, many of Trump’s strongest warriors started preparing for a floor fight when the votes are counted in Congress next month.

Put all the different scenarios on the table, and one thing is strikingly clear. Now is the time to eradicate leftism from the inside out. And it looks like the CIA is a good place to start.


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