Surprise: Stacey Abrams SUSPECTED of Voter Fraud

Georgia RINO Republicans see the writing on the wall. And they know that President Donald Trump will serve his second term. Thus the sudden change of heart.

Not long ago Georgia was considered a foregone conclusion to the Democrats’ attempt to openly steal the election. Governor Kemp has been accused of supporting the election theft. Especially considering his use of the very same Dominion Voting Systems machines to steal his election. But he would likely use this latest development as his rationale for cheating. Abrams lies at the heart of a voter registration scandal unfolding now.

According to Fox News, The New Georgia Project will join hundreds of other groups being investigated by the GA Secretary of State for “credible claims of illegal voting.”

Fox News reports:

Raffensperger for weeks has issued warnings against efforts to register individuals who are ineligible to vote in Georgia’s runoff elections or to encourage people to come to Georgia with the sole purpose of casting ballots.

“I have issued clear warnings several times to groups and individuals working to undermine the integrity of elections in Georgia through false and fraudulent registrations,” Raffensperger said in a statement Wednesday. “The security of Georgia’s elections is of the utmost importance.”

Raffensperger said Wednesday that his office “received specific evidence that these groups have solicited voter registrations from ineligible individuals who have passed away or live out of state.”

As with Kemp, Raffensperger has been accused of being part of the conspiracy to flip Georgia. But as the Feds close in, Raffensperger apparently dons the white hat.

Clearly, he now pretends that he’s all about finding the culprits who colluded with Democrats to steal the election.

The article continues.

Raffensperger’s office referenced one Fulton County resident who reported receiving five postcards from The New Georgia Project soliciting a registration “for the same dead person” and a Cherokee County resident who received a voter registration solicitation from The New Georgia Project for his spouse who is ineligible to vote. A third person, according to Raffensperger’s office, said The New Georgia Project sent a voter registration solicitation to his daughter who is not registered to vote in Georgia and had not lived in a different state for five years, while a fourth individual reported receiving a “package of postcards” at her home in New York City from The New Georgia Project encouraging people to register to vote in the Georgia Senate runoffs.

The New Georgia Project was founded by Stacey Abrams and chaired by Ralph Warnack. Understand that Warnack is one of the senate candidates from Georgia.

Surprised? Of course not. Because Democrats can’t win elections without cheating. And now is the time for the government to put the hammer down.

In Georgia, falsely registering to vote in the state without all necessary qualifications required by law is a felony. The crime can get the culprit up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine up to $100,000.

Even though Democrats have been caught cheating in the presidential election, they show no signs of fear. Now let’s see how Raffensberger handles things going forward. Frankly, we are well past time for perp walks and imprisonment of these Leftist skank rats.



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