TIMING of Zuckerberg’s Latest $280M+ Facebook Stock Sale

Facebook’s Zuckerberg is entitled to sell his stock. And has in the past. But the timing of this latest sale interests me.

According to AOL,

Facebook‘s chief exec Mark Zuckerberg has sold nearly $280 million worth of company stock in the past month — his first sales of the year.

Zuckerberg began offloading shares on November 9, and he’s now generating nearly $12.10 million every day on average by selling his Facebook stock.

The sales come at the tail end of a comparatively average year for Facebook stock. The social media giant’s share price has risen 37% in 2020, while the tech-heavy NASDAQ 100 index jumped 40%.

Again, Zuckerberg can do as he wishes.

But when you consider that he’s taken over $12 billion out since Facebook’s IPO, one wonders what’s he doing with the money?

Zuckerberg spent $12 billion. I find that hard to believe. Most dot.com billionaires tend to leave most of their money in their companies after cashing out with enough money for 100 lifetimes; 1000 lifetimes, under Trump.

But Zuckerberg has gone for another round, and at a significant clip. $12 million a day is a strong crack habit.

Could Zuckerberg’s action be related to President Trump’s Executive Order on foreign interference in elections?

In case you’re wondering, this EO allows the U.S. government to seize the assets of those who work with such governments.

Zuckerberg’s wife donated many millions to a project that likely funneled money to The Big Cheat. Could the Feds be closing in on Team Zuck?

As one guy wrote:

So let’s take a test case, where Chi-Com Priscilla and ‘Marx’ Zuckerberg spent $400 million to fix the election on behalf of the Democrat Party and foreign interests – spending $350 million in just six Swing States and centers of Democrat Marxist power.

Under this clause, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook stock, mansions, fancy cars and even his $59 million lakefront property on Lake Tahoe in California and Priscilla’s diamond ring – gone – instead of Trump’s golden toilet.

Here’s another theory. Perhaps Zuckerberg knows he will eventually pay for his loyalty to the left. Especially considering the rising popularity of alternative sites. (Side note: Right before election day, we brought the stories of Joe Biden’s Chinese ties to light. Our reward: Facebook UNPUBLISHED our page. We have zero violations for spreading false news, so we’ve appealed. Of course, Facebook can’t be bothered to address our appeal.)

The Black Sphere and Kevin Jackson radio are on Mewe, Codias, Parler, and Moptu. Join us wherever you’ve taken your conservative views. Perhaps soon Facebook will relent.

In the meantime, one can only hope that President Trump used the tweets about 2:30 to throw people off the real story. Can you imagine feds serving Zuckerberg, and seizing his $109 billion? From my article to God’s ears.

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