White House Staff told to STOP Departure Procedures

Those who have now attempted multiple coups against President Trump got a hopeful message recently.

CBS News correspondent Weijia Jiang tweeted:

NEW: Despite Trump’s fight to stay, last night White House staff received a detailed email from his exec. office with directions on the departing process. Employees will start leaving the week of 01/04. Note addresses everything from cleaning microwaves to ethics debriefing.

One can only imagine how the Leftist swamp rats felt, as they considered that The Big Cheat worked.

Biden would move into the White House and install a direct line to China Prime Minister.

Sadly for the Democrats, another email followed quickly. The New York Times tweeted:

On Tuesday, White House officials sent an email to staff members about departure procedures before a new administration begins Jan. 20. On Wednesday, a new email: “Please disregard the below message. Updated information will be shared in the coming days.”

While Conservatives sweat things out, President Trump may be having a bit of fun with the Left.

Ignore departure procedures. That’s huge.

Trump signaled–yet again–he’s going nowhere. Of course the fake news media makes every Trump action a sign that he’s given up. As I’ve asked on my radio show and my KEV Talks, would you give up when you KNOW you were cheated?

Self-made billionaires with degrees from Wharton who become president against all odds NEVER GIVE UP!

I’ve written and stated many times that it would surprise me if Trump doesn’t serve a second term. How could you possibly let a braindead moron like Biden replace you. And in what the world knows is a massive cheat.

What an embarrassment to America! From world power to Third-World sh*thole in 4 years. All because Democrats didn’t get their way when the attempted to shoe-horn Hillary Clinton’s fat ass into the presidency.

I know if I were president, you would have to bomb me out of the White House.

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