Airlines Kick Trump Supporters OFF THE PLANE

First, leftists and the Big Tech Liberal elites doled out censorship like it was penny candy. Now, they’re ready to toss in a little segregation.

What’s next? Do we all need to pin a yellow star on our lapels?

I’m not kidding. This is starting to feel reminiscent of a time Americans vowed to never revisit. But people are facing persecution based on political beliefs. How much further down this rabbit hole are we willing to go down?

Now, entitled leftists kicked passengers off a plane to avoid hearing anything positive about our President.

According to The Independent:

Several passengers claimed to have been kicked off a Delta Air Lines flight for being Trump supporters.

An unnamed Florida resident, who had attended the riots at the Capitol, filmed the aftermath at Reagan Airport in Washington DC on 8 January.

In the video clip, shared with SNN News, a man lowers his mask and says: “I said Trump 2020 and they kicked me off the plane. They kicked me off Delta Air Lines because I said Trump 2020.”

A woman in a red coat, who appears distraught, says: “All I did was cheer. I have no money to get home.”

And this is only the beginning.

Whatever happened to the First Amendment?

I can’t help but remember a time when I used an expletive to describe President Clinton. My father quickly scolded me, something he rarely did.

At first, I was terrified, thinking my own father was a Democrat! But later, I learned that A. He was an independent. And B. He expected me to show respect to the highest office in the United States.

If you know how I feel about the Clintons, then you know this was a tough lesson to learn. And everytime I see the hate spewed at our leader, I ask myself “how do these people throw respect out the window and go straight for the jugular every time?”

And what does it hurt to sit down with a Trumper and hear them out? The truth is, no matter your views, you can always learn something by listening to the opposition. But leftists don’t want compromise. They want the power.

The article continues:

The man adds: “Your freedom of speech is taken away.”

The traveller who captured the footage also claimed on Facebook that a Delta pilot had been “escorted” off his flight for “talking about our president”.

They alleged that flight crew were crying while “covertly changing their flag masks” so that they didn’t also get kicked off the flight.

“This is Nazi Germany all over again!” they wrote.

A Delta spokesperson told The Independent: “Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people and customers.

“Actions taken to remove unruly customers on flights are based solely on behaviour that affects the safety and security of our operation including noncompliance with instruction from flight crews.”

It follows calls from a US cabin crew union to ban those who participated in last week’s attack on the Capitol from flying.

Call a Spade a Spade

My dad used to say that sometimes, you have to call a spade a spade. Funny how that didn’t make near as much sense when I was still riding a bicycle. But if he were still alive, he’d be glad to know that I finally caught on to that one.

In other words, some people want to pretend they are fighting for social justice. When really, they are working to avenge the greatest cheaters in history. It’s time we quit calling these people Democrats, leftists, liberals, or the opposition. It’s time to say who they really are: THE ENEMY!

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