Arizona Republicans Forced Into Submission

Arizona Republicans no longer are allowed to tell the truth about the election. Instead, it’s either lie or goodbye.

But what message does that send Americans?

I can think of a few answers to that one. First, you’re voice didn’t matter. More so, your vote was a waste of time. And worst of all, cheaters can win.

But that’s exactly what op-ed contributor Neil Giuliano whole-heartedly believes. He recently penned:

It is time for our country and state to move beyond conspiracy driven rhetoric that has come to dominate so much of our political discourse.

We must transition from the high levels of dysfunction that have defined a turbulent period, encouraged by some of our elected officials nationally and in Arizona, to a path that will restore the civil dialogue and debate of ideas which have been a bedrock of our democracy since its founding.

Inflammatory political rhetoric and the desire for power must take a back seat to the most important factor of all: the truth.

Funny, every single time I come across this kind of rant, it comes from people who avoid the truth. Leftists are content to promote all-out lies. But here is the real truth, for those brave enough to ingest it. The going got tough. And the not-so-tough cowards quit fighting for what’s right. Instead, they decided to suck up to the liberals before leftists take charge.

Giuliano continues:

As a group of community leaders and members of Greater Phoenix Leadership who employ nearly 500,000 Arizonans, we share the sadness and anger at the shameful and violent actions we all witnessed last week and quickly released a statement denouncing those actions at that time.

It is clear, however, that we must speak with greater clarity of the disgraceful debacle that unfolded as a direct result of sustained leadership malpractice by elected officials within our country and state.

Leaders have incentivized this type of behavior through dishonest and divisive messaging to create a false narrative, and then used this baseline of lies to create a springboard for vengeance from followers they helped to convince have been victimized.

This is unacceptable, un-American, unpatriotic, and as we witnessed, very dangerous to life and democracy.

He’s laying it on pretty thick, but yes, Civility is the Goal!

Clearly, I agree, and I’m sure you do, too. We don’t want protests that end in violence, destruction of property, and escalated anger. But tell me this. Where were these outcries when democrats called for the defunding of the police?

Where were these outcries when historical monuments were destroyed, statues tossed in harbors, buildings vandalized in the name of “F the Police,” because I didn’t see anyone employing facial recognition software while our country was torn to shreds.

But now, we’re supposed to believe that Arizona representatives are embarrassed about the state of the union, and they want to set things right.

Of course, that’s only if we pretend Trump was destroyed in the Copper State. How likely is that? Be honest.

Forget the Numbers

I know, I usually say the opposite. I usually lean on the exact numbers to get things straight. But there’s one problem here. The numbers don’t match the movement on the ground.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the enthusiasm seen across the state before election day approached.

Of course, I’m in Texas, so I didn’t see Arizona first hand. But Kevin Jackson lives in Arizona. He had a direct line to the people. And he didn’t see a blue wave anywhere.

I remember a conversation with his wife shortly before election day. I participated in a pop-up parade that circled the county I live in. Hundreds of Trump supporters showed up in a county of 11,000 people. We only saw one Biden person the whole day.

Apparently, Arizona was no different. The Phoenix parade alone stretched for miles and miles.

Where was Biden?

I get it. A parade isn’t proof of election fraud. But doesn’t it raise some eyebrows? It reminds me of Deflategate.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the Patriots deflating footballs during the 2015 football season. Before the NFL was officially ousted as America’s love affair.

Do you know what the difference is between the Patriots and Arizona voters? Deflategate was investigated for fifteen months! But guess what the internet says about the Patriots? “There is no evidence of deflating balls.” Just like there is no evidence that “Trump won.” Some things you just have to judge by common sense.

No change, no support!

I can get over the fact that my candidate won’t be sitting in the Oval Office. But what I can’t get over is the fact that no one is taking these investigations seriously. Further, it now seems ok to bully someone into changing their school of thought.

Read Giuliano’s words carefully:

Let us be clear: We find the weeks of disinformation and outright lies to reverse a fair and free election from the head of the Arizona Republican Party and some elected officials to be reprehensible.

The political party organization and these elected officials, which some of us have supported in the past, have again embarrassed Arizona on a national stage.

The vast majority of us have agreed that we will no longer support the party and these individuals financially, nor will we continue memberships in organizations that support them financially, until we see change in rhetoric, leadership and practice with a return to civil discourse and the fundamental principles upon which the Republican Party was founded.

We acknowledge the great divisions we are experiencing have not arisen in just the last four years, and it may take considerable time to correct moving forward. But we believe deeply that we must take action now to make this correction if we are to leave our sons and daughters, and all of theirs, a country and state better than the one we have today.

Words so poetic, they almost suck you in. Until you realize this “better world” is being led by none other than Lyin’ Joe Biden…




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