Comey Weighs In While Both Sides Tune Out

It’s one thing when the right is mocking Crooked Comey. But when the left echoes the sentiment, you know exactly where the truth lies.

Ironically, Comey authored another book. This time, he calls it “Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency and Trust.”

It’s a pretty rich title, considering Comey knows nothing of the three. And while Comey expressed faith that law enforcement would squash any future riots at the capitol, people took to Twitter in droves to express their disdain.

“Law enforcement definitely can handle these kinds of riots, attacks and civil disturbances if they have the information they need and they prepare, this is something law enforcement was built for,” Comey said. “What’s so painful about the Capitol is the lack of preparation, but adequately prepared, the 50 states can secure their capitols and the United States can secure its Capitol.”

Comey said he was “sickened” by the Capitol riot, discussed inauguration security and said he wrote in his book President Trump shouldn’t be prosecuted. Guthrie asked if he’s changed his mind regarding Trump being prosecuted since he wrote the book.

“It was a hard question when I was writing that back in the fall and it’s even harder now. The president needs to be sanctioned and held accountable, I think it’s important that he be impeached. I think it’s important that local prosecutors in New York continues to peruse the… variety of frauds he surely committed before he became president. I just don’t think it’s in the national interest for Donald Trump to be on our television screens every day for the next three or four years as part of the United States vs. Donald Trump in the District of Columbia,” Comey said. “I don’t think that helps Joe Biden heal a nation.”

Ulterior Motives

Of course, I have a different idea of why Comey is discouraging any kind of Trump prosecution. And it’s a two-part theory. First, there isn’t anything to convict Trump of. I know, that’s a hard one for leftists to swallow. But if they could convict the scary orange guy, don’t you think it would’ve happened already?

Second, if the government digs too deep into Trump, they might instead gather quite a bit of evidence against Crooked Comey and his cronies. And that’s the part that keeps Comey up late at night.

Honestly, I expected more of the interview with Savannah Guthrie, host of NBC’s Today Show. But instead or hard-hitting journalism, Guthrie let Comey ramble on with all the self-importance of an Obama hold-over. It’s almost comical when you listen to him. Partly because it’s hard to decide whether he knows he’s full of shit or if he believes the nonsense he mumbles.

I’m leaning towards calculated.

I think Comey knows he doesn’t mean a word he says. But I also think Comey believes he can fake his sincerity and all of us will simply believe he’s out to protect our interests.  If only I had a penny for every time a leftist over-estimated himself, especially over the past four years.

If fact, Comey told Guthrie: “It’s a hard, painful decision, but I still think it would be better for this country if we move past a fallen and corrupt president and turned off the television lights on him, which in some ways would be the greatest punishment he could imagine.”

Call me crazy, but I didn’t think Guthrie seemed to excited to speak to Comey. She didn’t ask too many questions, nor did she seem to care too much for any of his responses. I’ve seen more authentic enthusiasm on an infomercial for Flex Seal.  While Comey plugged his latest literary disaster, viewers on both sides of the political aisle mocked the former FBI boss. Maybe next time, Comey will leave well enough alone.


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