De Blasio Showcases LEFTIST ELITISM on New Year’s

For the people content to help the Democrats cheat, understand their two-tier system. One for ye, but not for thee.

Bill de Blasio put his elitism on full display for dancing on national television on a stage in the middle of New York City. And their antics didn’t go unnoticed on the critics.

Against the backdrop of the scamdemic and the fact that de Blasio cut off New York’s Times Square from “ordinary” taxpaying citizens, de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, danced on stage together at the famous landmark. On any normal New Year’s Eve, the location would be loaded with the people who actually pay the bills.

Though irrelevant, “The View” co-host Meghan McCain tweeted:

“You’ve always been basically the worst political in modern history – but shutting down the NYC but having your own private party in Times Square is really *chefs kiss* the most tone deaf thing I may have ever seen a Mayor do. Everyone hates you DeBlasio.”

Admittedly, I love when Leftists turn on each other.

Bravo host Andy Cohen recognized the hypocrisy. He ranted about de Blasio, as noted by Jennifer Epstein:

Team Trump member, Jake Schneider tweeted:

Nobody can be in Times Square!!! It isn’t safe! Except the mayor and his wife.

What de Blasio did made Pelosi’s hair dresser stunt look bush league.

While Pelosi visited a “locked down” hairdresser off limits to the public (sans mask), de Blasio bested her on steroids. De Blasio closed down Times Square on New Year’s Eve, then partied with his wife.

That’s a f*cking boss move! Essentially de Blasio said to New Yorkers, “Thank you for footing the bill for my private party for two!”

Imagine what de Blasio will do under a Biden administration (that won’t happen)? What other rules don’t apply to the elites, if they can shut down an annual celebration on a virus that mostly kills people 80 and older?

Classless Democrats and their supporters. And they want us to apologize for voting for Trump?

Kiss my Black pragmatic ass. The reason we voted for Trump is he knows these elitist asswipes like the back of his hand. And he knows how they have treated us for decades.

Soon, when Trump crushes the life out of these cheating pieces of sh*t, Americans will get our comeuppance on these Leftists.


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