Democrats and Their Global Communist Order

Extremism is “the quality or state of being extreme” or “the advocacy of extreme measures or views.”

The term is primarily used in a political or religious sense, to refer to an ideology that is considered (by the speaker or by some implied shared social consensus) to be far outside the mainstream attitudes of society. Of course, Merriam Webster had no idea he was referring to a major political party in the United States.

Make no mistake about it – Democrats, as we knew them, no longer exist. The Liberal party is gone, and the progressive party is non-existent. The only party filling the void of these lost entities is the new Extremist Left Party.

There’s not a moderate to be found in this group of extremists. If there are any, they’re too afraid of what will happen if they step out of line or fail to stay in lock-step with the more aggressive leaders or promulgators of this new extremism.

The Ghost Town known as the DNC.

It is worth saying the DNC deserves to be dead. From the moment the Clinton’s came on the scene and were campaigning for the 1992 election, the party shifted. The temperament has never been the same. There is something about Hillary Clinton – a self-serving, self-promoting liar! A conniving, corrupt politician’s wife who right out of the chute offended women with her fake form of feminism. Meanwhile, she defended the rapist she helped put in the Oval Office. Hillary destroyed anyone standing in her way. Her discourse is abominable.

Thus, the emergence of the Clintons is the ultimate downfall of the left. What Bill and Hillary share isn’t a marriage, it’s a power-hungry game of “who’s the boss.”  Their efforts to gain control are rivaled only by their shared love of money. And it is their insatiable appetite for destruction that dissolved any moral fiber liberals once had.

Let’s just rip Hillary a little more. Her condescending, rude, belligerent nature packaged with her ability to scoff at, and brush off all accusations that were thrown at the Clintons is nothing less than frightening. Just how many accusations of criminal behavior target Bill or Hillary, or both? Hundreds? As the years pass, it seems more and more details come to light.

Back in Time

If we take a moment and go back in time, the highlights leave one wondering how the Clintons continue to elude law enforcement. I guess laws and moral codes don’t apply to people like the Clintons. Bill Clinton was elected on the Gennifer Flowers affair. Further, there was Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster, and Russian Collusion hoax, just to name a few.

Sadly, Jaunita Broaddrick begged for justice when she was raped by Bill Clinton. She’s stuck to her story for 42 years. Still, she is dismissed as an overly-emotional nutcase.

Imagine if Trump faced such accusations. In fact, most politicians don’t survive these types of revelations, especially for a presidency. As well they shouldn’t, but the Clintons trudged on as if such allegations didn’t bother them. Probably because they didn’t.

These two narcissistic people were, and still are vain, and seemingly sociopathic – like OJ Simpson. Nothing seems to touch their conscience. They have endured decades and decades of scandals and yet Hillary is still out there running her mouth as if she has done nothing wrong.

Path of Destruction

The Clinton’s led their party down this path for eight years. After which, they stayed immersed in every single decision of their party. One might call the Clintons a shadow government. Despite continual scandals, they maintained some level of power.  Somehow, the Clintons never faced a single consequence for their illegal, corrupt, allegedly murderous, inept actions. Not even Benghazi brought them down.

As the Clintons continuously poisoned their party, a path for Obama was cleared. Baby black Jesus brought praise from the masses. Obama did not have the experience to be President. In fact, he was lacking in every facet. But the corrupt liberal machine picked him instead of Hillary, who was grooming herself to be the anointed one. You know, the first female president was going to light the world on fire. But the first black president wannabe came on the scene and the masses flocked to him. Virtue signaling much?

Carrying the Torch

Of course, the Obama’s carried the torch of corruption and hateful rhetoric about our country to the umpteenth degree. They ramped it up, apologizing for our country. They weakened our standing in the world, furthering the divide among their party and leading the campaign of non-allegiance to the United States. Eventually, this corrosive behavior bled into the treatment of each other. We know how it went down. America was destroyed from the inside out.

Honestly, we were beyond repair. But then something great happened.


Trump decided we were worth saving. And he rolled up his sleeves to start work. But there was much to be done. Everything was a mess. Conveniently, Democrats spent four years blaming Donald Trump for the very problems he worked to solve.

The populous created by modern leftists created a new world order. The intimidation of the meek and weak was emboldening them, and the literal take down of anyone that disagreed with them began to fuel a different type of discourse. The mindset and behavior embraced a hatred of America. The new norm took hold and hatred held center stage. Courting the new communism global order started gaining steam.

Now, a new world order is upon us.

Without any shred of a respectable liberal party, corruption encased elected officials – all looking to get rich off the backs of hard-working Americans. These dirty politicians intimidate and force unseemly regulations and rules on the whole citizenry of the United States of America.

Welcome to the new America. Hope you enjoy your stay, communist style. But get ready for the bread lines, as I assure you, they’re coming.

This new world order is a global communist faction. Sadly, it is fueled by corrupt politicians on both sides that sold this great country of ours out to line their pockets. The difference is the extremism on the left is ruthless and dangerous. They will stop at nothing to shut down Conservatives.

Nothing makes this more evident than the inauguration of Joe Biden.

The constant psychological warfare is designed to inflame the meek and ill-informed into bullying and bringing Conservatives to their knees, rendering them impotent.

Listen to Katie Couric suggesting that Trump supporters need to be de-programmed. As proof, if you don’t believe how scary and how real this is – then read this article by my colleague, Tiffany Layne. Need more collaboration? This link will scare the bejeebers out of you.

This is a call to order of all of the most extreme leftists to try to take down every conservative that dares to disagree. This is EXTREMISM, full bore. You should be concerned. You should be very, very concerned. Conservatives have targets on their backs and the extremists will stop at nothing to ruin their lives and livelihoods. Recall when Obama’s IRS targeted conservatives? That’s nothing compared to what’s coming. If you doubt any of this – you are not paying attention!

Look at all of us that are getting de-platformed. We are your mothers, your fathers – sisters and brothers, neighbors, bosses and business owners. We are every citizen and we are being targeted. This is what you voted for.

This new world order, brought to the United States by the most extreme and corrupt politicians: the Clintons, the Obama’s and the Bidens. They’ve been paid off by China, and this new Global Communist Order has China wanting their due – to control our country. After all – they paid for it didn’t they? If it’s not stopped, be prepared to live the likes of China, North Korea, and Venezuela. It’s at our doorstep.

Liberals think that by hating Trump, they will be spared. Think again. You will not. Extremism always eats their own.

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