Fauci Finally Reveals His Vaccine Lie

Fauci is a fraud on multiple levels. This man should be arrested for the blatant lies he’s told.

His latest lie revolves around getting his vaccine.

Fauci played along with the dog and pony show and was supposedly vaccinated on live TV. From the video we can clearly see that Fauci received the shot in his left arm; his watch arm.

However, during a post-vaccination TV interview, Fauci claimed it was his right arm. He even touches his right arm, leaving no doubt that he didn’t slip up.

Clearly Fauci forgot which arm he got the shot in.

When all the politicians lined up to get their shots, I called foul in one of my KEV Talks.

Kabuki theater. Only a first-class fool would get a shot for this disease. Ebola, hell yes. Wuflu, HELL NO!

What people should be asking is why Leftists are so intent on having the entire population vaccinated? And they are using corporations to force people to take a shot. No shot, no job.

And this wouldn’t be the first time. Forcing companies to keep people from working if they haven’t been tested. For those who have the Wuflu, they must test negative in order to return to work in some companies.

I know of cases where people haven’t been to work in months, though they are symptom-free. Unfortunately, they still test positive for Wuflu.

So the next step is for mandatory vaccines. The rationale used will be for the safety of other employees. Thus, employees with be forced to risk death for a virus that kills far less than one percent of the population. Far less.

In fact, the cure may be more deadly than the disease.

So what is the end game? What could possibly be in this vaccine to where Democrats and other Leftists now want to mandate its use? That’s a scary proposition.

And frauds like Fauci sell the idea that this vaccine is safe. They know they haven’t been vaccinated. Because elites don’t get vaccinated.

One person accused Marco Rubio of being an elite, since he and a handful of other politicians got the shot for show. But what the accuser likely didn’t realize is Rubio got no such shot.

Like all other politicians who claim to have gotten this shot, NONE of them got the actual vaccine. They got a placebo.

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