Leftists Wage War Against the GOP

America is smack dab in the middle of psychological warfare propagated by the Leftists in Congress and the media.

Per Ascension Glossary explains the Basic Principles of Psychological Warfare:

Psychological Warfare is the deliberate use of various manipulation, promotion, and deception techniques, such as spreading propaganda and terror, to induce or reinforce attitudes that are favorable to gain a strategic advantage over others.

Essentially, this is to secretly scheme and manipulate others in a well thought out strategy. Thus, the goal remains simple.

Gain control of what you want from the power structure. Then, garner access to other people’s resources. Generally, it is desirable to achieve these goals in such a way that the plotters remain undetected in their climb to power and position, without anyone even realizing the entire situation was a calculated scheme.

War Tactics

We are witnessing today, as we have been for the past four years, the tactics used to demoralize, intimidate, mislead, and influence both the behavior and thinking of an enemy.
Make no mistake about it – Conservatives are the enemy of the leftist elites.

Right now, we are engaged in the most ramped up, egregious, controlled, calculated manipulation this country has ever seen. For those people that cannot see this, but continue to allow themselves to be spoon-fed by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and their ilk, it is astonishing your willingness to be led to the abyss of utter dishonesty.

Let’s take a look at Facebook, Twitter, and now Apple who are suggesting they will shut down Parler.

Their collective story to the masses is because Trump used an inflamed speech to incite a riot which led to the storming of the Capital. I have a pretty good hunch that the majority of those were Antifa and BLM affiliates. Their goal, as a group, is to intimidate by force and fire. They’ve become an arm of the Liberal party. We’ve seen that for 8 months, yet these media manipulators stand in front of cameras with buildings burning behind them and insist BLM and Antifa are mostly calm protests.

As of right now, Twitter just banned President Trump for life. Please take a moment to understand what that means and the implications. Who cares if you like Trump or not, this overreaching by Big Tech ordered by Liberals like Michelle Obama, to manipulate and essentially cage their opponents will not just be against Conservatives. People with too much power eventually eat their own. Understand, they’ll be coming for you too. What right does Michelle Obama have pushing Twitter to ban the President of the United States for life?

The Obama’s were the worst presidential administration in history. Totally inept and corrupt.

What are you so afraid of Michelle? I know. This election heist was not because the Liberals wanted Weekend at Bernie’s Biden as president. They wanted him because he too, can and will be manipulated and coerced by the likes of Obama. Barack and Michelle are going to be the shadow government orchestrating the Biden administration to do what THEY want him to do. Trump already knows this, I suspect. Michelle and Big Daddy B know it too. By insisting that he is silenced means they get to continue their political corruption without Trump’s constant barrage of tweets and revelations.

Along with the Left’s corrupt leaders, what these news outlets are selling is pure propaganda as they work tirelessly to control the narrative, to twist and distort facts and to spread it to incite fear, loathing and decent among the ranks.

Imagine the power in that?

Just imagine how Chris Cuomo feels as he dishes fake facts while injecting his marginalized capacity for perspective and truth onto others. This guy LOVES doing this to his audience. He loves the control it gives him over others. He follows his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo – the guy who methodically and systematically let 11,000 senior citizens die in his city,  because he lacks his own moral compass. But, true to form, Cuomo blamed Trump for it. His brother Chris helped to push the illegitimate narrative.

These news media personalities and their networks structure the narrative to  manipulate you.

They aren’t just trying to give you opinions – they are trying to intimidate you into taking their side, and taking up their mantle. Look at how angry, defensive, aggressive and condescending they are. The Cuomo brothers are perfect examples of intimidation. But what about our clean-cut guy Anderson Cooper? He can spin a tale. Along with the Cuomos, Cooper has no credibility. Intead, he mocks and condescends the masses Because that is his tactic. He’s made it abundantly clear that he thinks all of us Olive Garden patrons and Holiday Inn customers are just low-life, no good rednecks. The elitist Vanderbilt continually mocks every day Americans. It’s just rich – no pun intended.

But our Liberal Representatives are grateful for the reinforcements of and in the media. They are like an army. They are well trained in the tactics of psychological warfare and they now use it instinctively. The worst part about it is – they don’t even have to think about it anymore – this manipulation that they delicately spin and covet. It’s part of who they are, which on its face just makes them liars of the worst kind. They aren’t lying to just hide their corruption, they lie because it is a part of who they now are.

Let that sink in.

So, that leads me down the rabbit hole to my next scenario. All of these wonderfully dishonest, morally vapid, corrupt people in the media and in congress who tirelessly work the manipulation angle – I have to ask: What about their families? What about their loved ones and their friends or how about their fellow colleagues sitting right beside them in the next cubicle or desk?

Unfortunately, their families do not escape this manipulation either. This ingrained, taught psychological warfare plays out every day, in every kitchen, family room, bedroom, board room, in neighborhoods and in communities. You don’t really think they just “turn this off” do you? Of course, they don’t, because they can’t. This is now part of their psychological make up. So, every person close to these indoctrination-trained people must get manipulated every day. Consider what a marriage to one of these clowns is like. Consider what being a child to one of these people is like. Psychological warfare does not escape the familiar relationships – it just can’t. People take their training in the newsroom, or on the Left, home with them. Then, the infections spreads from one family to another until sickness overload threatens the fate of the community.

Media Interference

Understand what is happening to the media every single day. Clearly, what started out as a way to influence Americans morphed into an all-out war strategy willing to exert mind control tactics. Unfortunately, media personalities don’t realize how much they have become part of this convoluted army.

Psychological warfare is part of the Liberal Party’s arsenal. It has grown exponentially since Trump took office and it has taken on a life of its own. Now, the calculated affront to rational thinking people is astonishing. Watching the masses blindly follow the likes of any anchor on CNN, MSNBC or in Congress is disheartening.

It’s reminiscent of Jim Jones and the infamous Kool-aid. As long as it comes from a lunatic.

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