Liberal Amnesia Plagues Democrats

When it comes to violence in our country, there is one certainty we can’t ignore.

Almost all violence originates on the left.

Look, none of us want to see violence erupt. It rarely solves the problem. But some issues seem to stir the people in ways that can’t avoid the war tactics.

Take for example the police riots that continually break out. Leftists want to defund the men and women in blue. And they didn’t just show up at the city counsel meeting with a kind request.

But that’s exactly the kind of hypocrisy we can expect when dealing with leftists.

As Fox News elaborates:

The New York Post’s editorial board declared Friday that liberals are suffering from “amnesia” about last summer’s riots when discussing the chaos that occurred when pro-Trump supporters mobbed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

President-elect Joe Biden joined lawmakers and media members in questioning whether the police reaction to the rioters would have been the same had they been Black Lives Matter demonstrators – but the New York City tabloid doesn’t agree.

The Post’s editorial board penned a scathing piece headlined, “Liberal amnesia about last summer’s riots,” that detailed the response to police brutality demonstrations compared to the Capitol riot.

“Across the country, BLM and Antifa were coddled. Portland allowed them to set up an autonomous zone in the middle of the city for months, and police and politicians did nothing. In liberal cities, politicians told cops to back off and pushed for more lawbreakers to be released without bail or no charges. The thugs who attacked the Capitol were met with officers fighting back at barricades and tear gas. Guns were drawn and, in one case, deadly force was used,” the editorial board wrote.

“The rioters were able to get the run of the Capitol because cops were vastly outnumbered. Officials are already resigning or being fired because of that failure,” the editorial board continued.” This was a horrible insurrection and should be condemned.”

To be honest, I’m still a bit shocked that it was so easy to storm the capitol.

Especially considering the plans were well known for weeks. Even I stumbled upon a group chat in which the conversation centered around plans for marching.

One man in the chat mortgaged his house to help keep Biden for pulling off this stunt. Talk about commitment. I’m going to mail that guy a “Not My President” T’shirt.

If there’s one thing this election proved- it’s that the leftist hypocrisy is the one thing we can always count on.

In fact, it didn’t take long for Biden to play the race card!

Fox continues:

Biden on Thursday declared that Capitol Hill rioters would have been treated differently if they weren’t predominantly White.

“No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesters yesterday that they wouldn’t have been treated very differently than the mob that stormed the Capitol. We all know that’s true — and it’s unacceptable,” Biden wrote on Twitter, irking the Post’s editorial board in the process.

“Mr. Biden, don’t hypocritically try to rewrite the story of last summer’s riots to suggest that liberals weren’t permissive or that there’s some sort of double standard or racism at work here,” the editorial board concluded. “We all saw what happened then, we all see what happened now.”

If that’s not a preview of what’s to come, I don’t know what is.

The editorial board hit the nail on the head when they coined the term: “liberal amnesia.”

“Fox & Friends” aired a montage of media members such as MSNBC’s Joy Reid and CNN’s Don Lemon dismissing riots that coincide with their liberal agenda but condemning the Capitol tragedy.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were also seen flip-flopping on whether or not riots should be frowned upon during the must-see “Fox & Friends” video.

I expect this liberal amnesia to spread like wildfire. Especially when conservatives spend four years crying out “not my president.”


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