Liberals Demand Reprogramming Republicans

Liberals no longer want to debate issues or solve problems. Nope. They’re ready to treat political opponents like the Chinese treat their dissidents.

I’m afraid we’re no longer throwing philosophies at one another. Conservatism is under attack. And by attack, I do mean all out war.

Now, the riot at the Capitol morphed into an excuse to engage in psychological warfare. The plan? Reprogram Republicans.

Just watch this video, and you will be as outraged as I am.

Did you pick up on the leftist hypocrisy?

The very same leftists who supported violence at the many BLM and Defund the Police riots now say rioters should mind their p’s and q’s when demanding social justice.

No Investigation

Not once have leftists demanded facial recognition of rioters. In fact, in many cities, these lunatics were allowed to create autonomous zones barring police patrol.

When Baltimore protesters through a Christopher Columbus into the city’s inner harbor, Pelosi said “people will do what they do.”

In fact, according to Fox News, Pelosi had a host of reasons to oppose such actions.

Pelosi, an Italian American, was born and raised in Baltimore. Her father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., was mayor of Baltimore from 1947 to 1959 and her brother Thomas D’Alesandro III also led the city from 1967 to 1971.

In other words, Pelosi has deep roots in Baltimore. And this woman who gets paid to write laws didn’t care if people ignored them.

Did anyone even stop to consider the danger tied to ripping out a statue and tossing it in a harbor? A hundred things could’ve gone wrong. Luckily, no one was injured. But leftists didn’t even worry if they would be.

Extreme Measures

Make no mistake, liberals are ready to take extreme measures. Some even suggested putting Republicans in camps, separated from their children, to erase the indoctrination we must be suffering from!

According to The Federalist:

Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, who is best known for her flagship essay in the New York Times’ ahistorical 1619 Project, believes that 74 million Americans deserve to be “punished” as part of deprogramming them for voting for Donald Trump in 2020.

The 1619 Project creator spoke to Eugene Robinson on MSNBC, where he asked her about how the media and social elites can best “deprogram” the “millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans” who voted for Trump, as they are clearly part of a “cult.”

Hannah-Jones responded with a vague call to look toward an undefined “history,” declaring that “there has to be consequences” based on how you vote. She then decried the push towards a quick “reconciliation” between the left and right. The so-called journalist painted Trump supporters with a broad brush, lumping the Capitol rioters in with average Republicans who voted based on policy.

Her only explanation of why anyone would possibly vote for Trump was that the “white labor force” voted for his policies to keep themselves more powerful than “Muslims, Latinos and Black Americans.” By inventing exclusively racist intentions of her political enemies, Hannah-Jones said every Trump-voting Republican merits “punishment” before they can be allowed to re-enter polite society and have a chance at reconciliation.

Just evaluate her Twitter videos.

The insanity is unbelievable.

Does this remind anyone of the reeducation camps of brutal dictatorships, especially by the Chinese Communist Party?


As the articles points out:

More than 74 million people voted for Trump, and their reasons varied from adoration to a mere preference over now-President-elect Joe Biden and his policies. Likewise, ascribing racist intentions ignores how Trump gained increased support among black and Latino voters. Labeling every one of the millions of Americans who voted for one of the candidates from a major political party as a “cult” is absurd — and the growing calls from the left for them all to be “deprogrammed” should startle every American.

Like I said yesterday, man your battle stations. This fight is going to be a long one.



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