New Biden Venture: Crackhead Art

Newly minted “First Son” Hunter Biden emerged from hiding to announce his new venture. Art.

Let’s see what foreign country decks the walls with Hunter Biden’s artistic musings. And at what costs?

I’m willing to be his pieces go for about $186,000 each. Of course, I’m not exactly an art guru. But whatever the going price, Biden doesn’t seem to be frayed by the ongoing Department of Justice investigation into his business dealings. Instead, Biden’s the typical leftist: cocky. Because he knows leftists rarely pay the price for their crimes.

But Biden is truly embracing this whole “artist” persona. Sort of like he embraced energy.

As Vanity Fair illustrates:

The [president’s] son is reportedly in the midst of signing a deal to be represented as an artist by Georges Bergès Gallery in New York City with a solo exhibition in the works for next year, according to sources who spoke to Page Six. In February, Biden first revealed his artistic aspirations to The New York Times, confessing during a conversation with the outlet that painting “is literally keeping me sane. For years I wouldn’t call myself an artist. Now I feel comfortable saying it.”

The venture capitalist turned artist, whose studio is in the pool house of his Hollywood Hills home, creates his work with a metal straw he uses to blow alcohol ink onto Japanese Yupo paper, creating abstract layers of colors and concentric circles. Painting “puts my energy toward something positive,” Biden explained. “It keeps me away from people and places where I shouldn’t be.” He also added, “The one thing I have left is my art. It’s the one thing they can’t take away from me or conflate with anything else.”

On top of achieving this major milestone in his art career, Biden also announced last week that his taxes are currently under investigation by the DOJ. And today, it was reported that Donald Trump is also considering appointing a special prosecutor to the case. But Biden doesn’t just have adversaries in the Republican Party. He’s also already made one very influential opponent in the art world—Jerry Saltz. The New York magazine critic dubbed his work, “Generic Post Zombie Formalism illustration” adding, “The background doesn’t always have to be white, you big baby.”h

Honestly, I think my granddaughter’s art if far more interesting. And she’s in kindergarten. But you know what they say: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Perhaps there are some who seek to know the inner workings of the mind of crackhead. Obviously, making fun of a crackhead and “the big guy” who escaped justice for their crimes is almost too easy. Reminders of the white privilege that created the scenario are infinite.
Understand that a star is born. A rising star in the art world. And like Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize and Andrew Cuomo’s Emmy, expect Hunter Biden to get all the accolades the art world can produce.
His show: “From the mind of madness: anthology of a crackhead” coming to a virtual theater near you.
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