Political Scam: 600 vs 2000 Dollars

Hey Americans, look over here. Meanwhile, the big scam happens under our noses.

We debate between giving each American $600 or $2000. For a scamdemic. Sure, some people are hurting. And it’s Democrat policies that are hurting them. Governors like Cuomo and Newsom (and many others) take pride in shutting down small businesses. Then they demand all taxpayers pick up the slack.

Why in the hell should we pay for asinine decisions made by Leftist wannabe kings? Bad decisions by Leftist governors need to be paid for by their taxpayers. If this doesn’t happen, then why would we ever expect these idiots to change.

Because of the optics of the situation President Trump raised the stakes. Instead of $600 for every American as Democrats wanted, Trump pushed for $2000. And Republicans celebrate?

What are we celebrating? More of our tax dollars being spent on the scamdemic?

If Obama wanted to do this, most of us would be up in arms. On the flip side, Democrats would celebrate Obama wanting to give away more of our money. The net? Republicans and Democrats have flip-flopped. Changed sides based on politics.

But what side?

In all cases, we taxpayers are getting taxed to death. To put the numbers in perspective, we are giving everybody either $600 or $2000 at the cost of $2727 per person. And since kids and Leftists don’t work, that leaves each working conservative to pay around $7000+ to get his $600 or $2000.

Frankly, I’d rather try my odds in Vegas than with the Fed.

How much money have we given to this planned scam? Trillions and counting. And counting. And counting. Still, do you see any signs of Democrats giving in? These Leftist governors continue to play with people’s livelihoods like this is a game.

Do you know any bureaucrats who’ve missed a paycheck since the scamdemic broke? Only one. President Trump.

In case you’re wondering what Democrats are angling for, I’ll spoil it for you: Universal Basic Income.

At the rate we are funding this nonsense, Trump will blow past Obama’s $10 trillion of quantitative easing. And that’s what Democrats want. Massive debt for all Americans.

Why aren’t we targeting those in need? Like people in the hospitality and food service industries. Why are we giving money to everybody?

I have an acquaintance who’s wife is a nurse. She makes $40 an hour regularly. But due to Wuflu, she gets $60 an hour (hazard pay), plus $37 when she takes another shift. And she’s getting lots of shifts due to the number of older nurses who left.

Big pharma is feasting, as are big box retailers, drug dealers, and undertakers. And there are many more businesses that may have taken hits, but nothing critical. They will survive. But not all will, due to the draconian measures of governors like Cuomo and Newsom.

Solve the root problem

It’s really simple: no more money for states who continue to shut down businesses. And no more stimulus. The taxpayers are not politicians’ piggy-banks.



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