Send in the Clowns: Biden’s Opening the Gates

Do you know what the most terrible thing about a roller coaster ride happens to be? It’s a slow climb to the top, and after all that work, it’s a fast crash to the bottom.

The Trump administration was our climb. Biden’s administration will be our crash. And let’s just call Obama’s administration the grueling line we had to wait in with a heat index of 104 degrees and no room for social distancing.

The past year, we’ve suffered through a pandemic that took our money, our livelihood, our freedom, and even loved ones. Meanwhile, Democrats only formulated two solutions. Stay at home or wear a stupid piece of cloth over your face. Neither strategy took control of this man-made monstrosity.

We haven’t even started to recover. And trust me, we won’t find our way back to the top until 2025. Our next President will need a year, minimum, to undo Biden’s doings.

And the scamdemic isn’t the only disaster we’ll soon face. Biden has a plan for 8 million illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, there is a new caravan headed our way, thanks to Biden’s election rhetoric.

Biden hasn’t mentioned a strategy for this caravan. I’m sure he’ll just open the gates and throw out the welcome mats. Heck, he might even include a few voter registration cards. Democrats are known to pull a few stunts like that.

As Fox News explains:

A radical immigration overhaul to be proposed this week by President-elect Joe Biden would include a path to citizenship that could see millions of illegal immigrants become U.S. citizens in just eight years.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris told Univision last week that the immigration bill would be “first order of business” and will be about “creating a pathway for people to earn citizenship.” She said that pathway would be eight years long.

The Washington Post reported Monday that the bill, to be unveiled on Inauguration Day Wednesday, would put illegal immigrants into protected status and a five-year pathway to a green card. If they meet certain conditions, such as payment of taxes and a background check, they could then be put on a three-year pathway to citizenship. Some estimates put the population of illegal immigrants at around 12 million as of 2015, other estimates are higher.

The Associated Press, which also reported that the eight-year path is in the bill, noted that it would be one of the fastest pathways to citizenship for illegal immigrants in recent years.

I’m not going to lie. That sounds great. A legal path to citizenship. In fact, President Trump always advocated for a legal path to citizenship. What he opposed were undocumented immigrants and executive orders that created loopholes.

Trump was tired of the drain on our system from those who reap our benefits without adding to our rewards. It’s not exactly flawed logic folks.

So what’s the problem, exactly?

Let’s get real here. Democrats don’t care that much about “dreamers.” In fact, a leaked memo in 2018 proved most dems supported DACA for the votes they could round up. Because they weren’t really interested in solving America’s immigration issues.

If leftists had hit pause on their witch hunt at any given point, they might’ve seen the forest for the trees. We had a president willing to think outside the box. A president willing to shake up the status quo if it made America stronger. We had a president willing to toss out all the crooked deals that pave the roads in Washington, DC. Talk about kicking a gift horse in the mouth!

Now, thanks to droves of leftists and one incredible plot, we get Obama 2.0. Only this time, we will see an even bigger deficit morally, legally and financially. And immigration is no exception to the growing decline.

A Few Facts

As Kevin Jackson analyzed, Biden’s policies aren’t the saving grace leftists believe they will be, especially if history is any indicator.

Consider the reality of Presidential Statistics:

The results from the Congressional Research Service report show that since President Reagan, Democrat presidents have limited immigration to specific groups of people far more than Republican presidents have.

    • Ronald Reagan – 5 times
    • George H.W. Bush – 1 time
    • Bill Clinton – 12 times
    • George W. Bush – 6 times
    • Barack Obama – 19 times

What is shocking about these statistics is that Bill Clinton issued the same number of immigration restrictions as Presidents Reagan, Bush, Sr. and Bush, Jr., combined.  What’s more shocking?  Obama almost doubled Clinton’s number.

Let that sink in.  Former (I love saying that) President Obama imposed immigration restrictions 19 times including 4 times on Muslim countries, while the liberal media, Democrats, and their hired protesters said nothing.

As of tomorrow, common sense officially leaves the White House. Sadly, I don’t even want to speculate about where our country will land. But I know one thing, the safety Trump brought to our front porches is already gone.



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