Sidney Powell and her Wellspring of Sage Advice

Last week Sidney Powell said the Republican party is history. A virtual suicide.

She pushed the point, calling the party ‘so out of touch’ while warning that Patriots will create a new entity.

#WeThePeople are reclaiming our country.

I like it. Don’t you?

Obviously, Powell is not alone. She is a voice supporting Trump, uncovering election fraud and the ensuing scandal, and has a national platform the rest of us don’t hold. Sadly, equally frustrated Patriots migrated to Parler and Rumble to voice their feelings and frustrations when Facebook squashed the conservative voice. Most echo Powell’s revelations.

The animus is heating up – and why shouldn’t it be?

Where are all of our senators? What are they doing? Why are they weak?
For so long, our elected officials got away with riding the wave of taxpayer-paid salaries, constantly padding it with raises, while taking the easy route. They allowed Conservatives to be bullied for decades by the likes of Pelosi (older than dirt), Schumer (no soul), AOC and her ilk.

For God’s sake, somebody send that entitled spoiled brat to her room. She has absolutely no business being in congress. She has the experience of a gnat, with an equally bothersome personality. Yet she kicks and screams, stomps her feet, raises her voice, all while exercising her right to feign victim-hood. Her counterparts fall for it. Even some Republicans fall for it.

These people were elected to stand up to foreign invaders, world leaders, and terrorists. Yet, they can’t or won’t stand up to bullying Democrats.

Weak-kneed Republicans are about to see what this party is all about. When Conservative Patriots unleash our version of Kraken – they won’t know what hit them. We are tired of enabling Liberal bullies. As it turns out, Liberals don’t just bully, smear, and intimidate inside the halls of Congress. Eventually, the toxicity spills out onto the streets of middle America where most of us work and live.

That’s where it is now. Where every day Americans are working hard to make a living and navigate extremely damaging internet and media influence, controlled manipulation, and brutal takedowns of anyone who doesn’t agree with them. But strong patriotic Americans won’t stand for the unsettling coercion. Especially now as we find businesses shut down, blackballed by leftists to diminish American livelihoods. The Liberal machine refuses to relent. Where are our representatives?

What happened to our vanguards?

Look, we elected these people to protect us. Clearly, we appointed them to put into place safety measures where this couldn’t possibly happen. We chose them to encapsulate this menacing liberal bullying entity within our own governing establishment. But they fall short every day.

Instead, they’ve been weak; Paul Ryan and Romney-esque. That’s nothing to be proud of.

As a Conservative, I believe in what it means to be patriotic.

As such, I support the fundamental rights of each and every individual that lives in this sweet land of liberty.

I believe! Because my father was part of the Greatest Generation. A crop of young men and women that lied about their age to enlist in the military. They held a moral obligation to help combat encroaching Nazism. These young men and women were brave, principled, and humble. Their inherent convictions led them to leave the safety of their homes and farms to fight a war in a part of the world most had only read about.

The military veterans now serving in congress are patriots, too, just like our fathers and mothers. They’ve seen war up close, fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the fight is here now. Within our borders and within both parties. It’s time to weed out the weak, complacent, and corrupt and fight for what is right and to uphold the Constitution – not some made-up version.

The Warriors

Along with our Vets, Matt Getz, Devin Nunes, and Jim Jordan are appreciated for their inspired and dogged initiative to fight back and get to the truth. President Trump took notice of these strong patriots. Thus, Trump now will award both Nunes and Jordan with the Medal of Freedom. These guys are fighters.

They believe in the purpose of Donald Trump’s presidency. It’s time for all GOP patriots to form a cohesive unit, or get out. How did our leaders become shadow Conservatives and why did they sit back and let the Liberals take over the very Congress who now invades our streets? They work to intimidate us in our schools, our communities, and in our government. Why didn’t conservatives show some guts?

They were elected to stop it, or at the very least curtail it. But they didn’t.
So, here’s the deal. Either stand up and fight with President Trump now or forget walking the halls of Congress again. American Patriots are watching and gauging your inertia, and we will unleash our own version of Kraken at the polls and reclaim our country.

No more wishy-washy right wingers. And that goes for you, too, Mitch McConnell.

Let’s be clear.

Trump’s presidency revealed all the corruption throughout this government. But most astonishing, he’s not only uncovering the illicit dealings within the Liberal Party, but he’s also unveiling those that are compromised in the Conservative Party as well. He’s an outsider doing a job. Nobody likes a new CEO that comes in and shakes up the status quo. This is Trump’s version of shake and bake.

We’ll be watching on January 6th. The millions of true patriots that don’t believe “money talks,” but do believe in honesty, integrity, hard work alongside life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And we will be taking notes.

Donald Trump inspired everyday Americans to stand up and insist on accountability in our elected officials. We want representatives that enforce right and wrong. It shouldn’t warrant a medal of freedom to protect our interests. That should be the status quo. We have a set of expectations. But our Congress watched President Trump take the punches so they didn’t have to. And the day of reckoning is here.

Sidney Powell is right. The GOP, as we know it, is done. A new party will be formed. Stand up now. Stand for something. Take the punches. Patriots are on the march and we are watching. We are fed up with your inertia. Take note: We will prevail.

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