The Dumbing Down of America

It’s not enough for corruption to be the foundation for Liberals in their quest for all things power and greed. They must also have willing recipients and participants embracing the mind control narratives and behavior leftists continually pedal.

People actually have to accept these narratives as fact. And they must accept them blindly; no questions asked.

That’s not my style. And I know few people who want to sit quietly and nod their heads. But that seems to be the exact kind of person Congress seems to embrace. For example,

On the first day in office, Biden closed the XL Pipeline.

He slashed thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen.

Imagine the critical reasoning that went into this decision. You probably can’t, because there is no sound logic. Except to push the climate narrative. Studies conducted before Keystone debunked those concerns. But the dumbing down of America is in full view as we are forced to witness the Biden-Kamala duo take the helm.

Those of us that aren’t willing to be led require more substantive and legitimate facts to be presented before we take a side on an issue or make a personal judgment call. Seemingly, Liberals take everything at face value and never question the world around them. Even if the narrative comes from one ugly face.

The absence of curiosity for truth and perspective proves liberals intellectually lazy.

Liberals don’t have to dig any deeper, because sadly, no one forces them to take responsibility for their misinformation. And because the media is not kept in check by their followers, their readers become the participants of their mind control narratives. Leftists willingly suck it in and take it as fact, then pass those egregious tidbits on for the next unwitting person to do the same. Meanwhile, conservatives are raked over the coal for any opinion that differs from the liberal elites.

Want proof? Just look at all the Woke posts on Instagram. False narratives rule our world. But again, it takes willing recipients to absorb this misinformation for it to stick and spread.  No one is forced to drink the Kool-Aid. Thus, like most conservatives, I’m questioning why? Clearly, so many people willingly accept Democrat talking points. Why aren’t Liberals not more curious about the facts?  Or at least willing to step back and ask themselves if they are not being hoodwinked? Do the end justifies the means? Or perhaps lies are OK if they exact the intended results. Like an election heist, per se.

To witness the cognitively challenged Biden sign an Executive Order that forces more job losses on this country is excruciating. A country that has seen endless American hardships as we’ve lost our jobs, our livelihoods, and our insurance to a petri dish virus – a gift from the CCP. Who would do that and who would support it? Liberals accepted this maneuver and never had the curiosity to dig any deeper.

As well, you’d think “Scranton Joe” would be more in-tuned with the needs of Americans. The guy who is for the working class. But, obviously not. Strangely, this in-your-face move, aimed directly at Donald Trump, actually affects all of us. What’s worse is no one on the Left demands answers. Because, they just don’t actually care.

Another example of the dumbing down of American.

Take Charlottesville and the Capitol riots. These episodic events became collective fodder for the media to discredit Trump. Full bore misinformation for the masses to consume. And the powers that be in the media and the Left, even weak Republicans (Mitch McConnell), have taken up this mantle as well. Dumb it down boys, so the less than curious or those that benefit from the false narrative can push it forward to those even less curious. The Capitol riots simply became the Charlottesville narrative regurgitated. And the public bought it. Sad.

The less informed like to quote what Trump said about Charlottesville. They carry their outrage as they decry its vileness that the President supported White Supremacists. How silly and misinformed. It’s not hard to google to find out. I googled Trump’s comments in full. Because I was curious. Sure enough, I was right. It’s stunning the willingness of the masses to take the media and Liberals (the same) at face value. Trump did not say that White supremacists were good people. It’s egregiously false and evidenced again by how this took hold. A shining example that the dumbing down of America is at its apex. It’s shocking really.

False narratives are designed to embed and mislead.

The false accounts of the Capitol riots are the same misinformation campaign designed to denigrate a President in front of the millions of Americans willing to be spoon-fed. Amazingly, half the country was willing to absorb these stories without seeking validity. These people are headline readers. They delve no further. They are not curious enough to read other points of view, from say – a commentator on an opposing side.

For more proof of the lack of intellectual curiosity, just listen to the interview with Senator Rand Paul and George Stephanopoulos.

Clearly, George wasn’t interested in a conversation. He was only interested in “besting” Senator Rand Paul. His goal was to belittle the Senator into submission by getting him to admit there was no election fraud. Of course, there was. What a simpleton. And the Senator, well -he wasn’t buying into another biased Liberal hack selling a lie. Senator Paul is much more cerebral than George (I worked for the Clinton’s, therefore I lie) Stephanopoulos.

But this is what we have folks. Half of a country so wrapped up in themselves they are no longer curious. They would rather be a part of the main street mean club that belittle, betray, boycott, and tear other Americans down to nothing so they feel legitimate. They do not like diversity, by the way, and they certainly don’t like the diversity of thought. Lock-step soldiers, that’s all they can muster.

Remember when having a curious mind and true intellect made you legitimate? Unfortunately, they’ve become legitimate followers. Not curious, not well-read, not empathetic, – just intellectually lazy and part of the dumbed-down version of what is now our America.

It’s all so exhausting. Just as Rand Paul says.

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