Trump Laid Proof: FBI Soft on Clinton

No surprise here. Comey’s FBI gave Clinton a pass.

In fact, newly declassified memos actually reinforce the one thing Republicans have long wondered. Where is Hillary’s warrant?

Apparently, this time, evidence proves Clinton broke the rules about foreign donors. And, as with all rules Clintons break, there were absolutely no consequences dished out.

I wonder what other gems will be unearthed as Trump’s dump is carefully excavated?

According to Gregg Jarrett’s website:

Memos declassified by President Trump Tuesday night before his departure from office unearth new information regarding Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Newly released memos, obtained by Just the News, show “FBI agents opened an investigation in late 2014 into a foreign power’s effort to curry influence with Hillary Clinton’s prospective presidential campaign through donations.”

However, agents were thwarted by their own bureau. “The bureau’s leadership slow-walked a surveillance warrant and instead arranged for the candidate to get a defensive briefing” reported Just the News. Memos show “FBI agents became so frustrated that they were being stonewalled from securing a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to investigate the foreign money plot that they even escalated to then-FBI Director James Comey.”

Isn’t that interesting? Agents went to Comey for answers, completely unaware that their Director was working against them in his effort to protect Hillary. But I’m pretty sure Comey’s latest book, Saving Justice, doesn’t really explain any of this.

Ironically, it was pretty easy to get a FISA warrant against Trump.

Furthermore, the FISA warrant against Trump fueled a witch hunt that plagued an entire presidency. More than 30 investigations into Trump and his team somehow relate back to the FISA warrant that was obtained both illegally and unethically. But Hillary skirted the FISA warrant America still wants.

On April 14, 2015, an FBI employee expressed concern that he may be “overstepping” his chain of command by writing Comey an email expressing their concerns. “The FISA application has remained in limbo for the last four months, even though subsequent investigative activity by [redacted] provided additional probable cause for the FISA application” the email stated.

The email went on to say that the FBI field office leading the probe was “still uncertain as to why the application has not been sent to DOJ for final approval although several reasons have been put forth by CD [criminal division], most recently that the decision to put the application on hold originated ‘on the seventh floor.”

The seventh floor of the FBI headquarters refers to the location of offices for the FBI director and his team. Comey responded, “Don’t know anything about this but will get smarter.” Memos did not offer any evidence that a FISA warrant was ever approved. “Instead, they show that FBI leadership ultimately decided to give Clinton’s team a defensive briefing in October 2015 as her presidential campaign geared up.”

Nothing more was done than simply telling the Clinton lawyers that “the campaign should increase its vigilance of contributions related to any of the matters discussed above” and that “the FBI was providing them with this briefing for awareness and so Ms. Clinton could take appropriate action to protect herself.”

State the Obvious

A few things really jump out at me about all of this. Beyond the issues surrounding the FISA warrants, another detail showcases Democrats at their finest. Notice the article says Clinton was given “a defensive briefing in October 2015 as her presidential campaign geared up.” In other words, at the beginning. Before things were set in stone.

Did Democrats consider the importance of the matter? Nope. Did they consider an alternative to Hillary Clinton? Again, nope. And things haven’t changed much in the passing years. Democrats were made aware of Biden’s misgivings with China, among other things. Did the left even analyze what that could mean for America going forward? Nope. Did they consider shifting gears? Again, nope. Not at all. Which means Democrats do not hold our best interests at heart. They never have. And they never will.

Sadly, America knows it. That’s why Biden’s first week boasts an approval rating less than Trump’s, and less than Obama’s as well. Do I think it will get any better? Well, I hate to sound like a broken record, but NOPE!



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