Trump’s Inauguration Promise: We’ll Be Back

The big nasty day has arrived. And conservatives know we’re in for a tumultuous ride. But one promise shines a light on the horizon.

We’ll be back!

That’s what Trump told supporters this morning as he left the White House. I can’t tell you how or when Trump will make this happen. But I know one thing. Trump keeps his promises.

I recall the early months of Trump’s Administration. I tried to keep a list of the campaign promises he kept. Trump tacked immigration, border security, stamping out ISIS, trade, the economy, prison reform, funding HBCU’s, unemployment, and the bureaucratic red tape that inhibits businesses from flourishing. Then there is North Korea. Trump walked into that country like a BOSS! At some point, my list was so long I couldn’t keep up.

But always, these accomplishments were over-shadowed by some investigation from the left. In fact, by 2018, Trump was the target of more than thirty investigations. To be honest, I’m surprised Trump wants to come back. His businesses took a hit. Every move he made, he made with our best interest at heart. Meanwhile, Trump didn’t take a dime from us.

In fact, he donated every paycheck to charity. So tell me, what was his motive for being president? Oh yeah, it was to restore America’s greatness.

Therefor, I take great comfort in knowing the greatest president in modern history will not “go quietly into that good night.” Instead, he will rage against the Democrats and their unscrupulous light.

Twenty-one Gun Salute

As left Trump Joint Base Andrews, he was greeted with the Presidential twenty-one gun salute. And as he stepped up to the podium, Trump left us with hope filled remarks.

“We left it all on the field,” Trump said of his time as president.

“What we’ve done has been amazing by any standard,” he said.

Trump mentioned the Space Force, tax cuts, judicial appointments, stock market record highs and more. First Lady Melania Trump also made brief remarks.

Fox News has been told that Trump left a note for Biden in the White House. He also wished the incoming Biden administration well in his Wednesday remarks.

“I wish the new administration great luck and great success,” Trump said. “I think they’ll have great success.”

But he also warned that the Biden administration may roll back some of his policies.

The outgoing president also lamented the coronavirus pandemic, saying that “The first thing we have to do is pay our respects and our love to the incredible people and families who suffered so gravely from the China virus. It was a horrible thing that was put into the world.”

Trump added: “We put it in a position like it’s never been before despite the worst plague to hit since, I guess you’d say 1917, over a hundred years ago.”

Trump thanked Vice President Pence, Congress and his family, saying, “people have no idea how hard this family works.” He also praised the American people.

“I just want to say you are amazing people. This is a great, great country. It is my greatest honor and privilege to have been your president,” Trump said. “I will always fight for you.”

A+ Accomplishments

Despite the mud Democrats throw at Trump, he leaves a stellar record of accomplishments in his wake. In addition to those already mentioned, I think Trump’s largest legacy will be the record number of justices Trump installed on the Supreme Court.

Trump nominated three justices that were confirmed. That’s more than anyone since Ronald Reagan.

He also successfully nominated — and the GOP-controlled Senate confirmed — 234 federal judges. That’s more in a single term than any other president in one term except for Jimmy Carter, who oversaw a massive expansion of the federal judiciary. Trump appointed 54 judges to the crucial U.C. Courts of Appeals, also more than any other president in a single term except for Carter.

Trump helmed the U.S. through an era full of change, including a burgeoning geopolitical rivalry with China. To address the threat from that country and others, Trump created a new branch of the military, the Space Force. Trump also oversaw a remarkable turnaround in the functionality of the Veterans Administration.

In the final full day of Trump’s presidency, his State Department made a historic determination that China is committing genocide against Uyghur Muslims, a direct accusation of crimes against humanity past presidents have been reluctant to make against other nations.

It’s a sad day for America. Because leftists couldn’t accept the culture of winning. And now, we’re about to see what happens when we put someone with dementia at the helm. There are definitely choppy waters ahead. Let’s just hope we don’t hit an iceberg.

The journey ahead is uncertain. But I believe one thing above all else. We haven’t heard the last from Donald Trump.

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