Anti-Trumper BLASTS Captain Joe Demento

Joe Biden can’t put two coherent sentences together. And that’s with people talking in his earpiece.

For a guy with his brain “power” {term used loosely}, it’s difficult to breathe and blink at the same time. And he’s the Democrats’ new top dog.

Because Biden possesses the mental capacity of a slug, he will ruin the Democrats. Not that they haven’t done a good job themselves. Millions of Democrats abandoned the Party of Lynching of Negroes and Rich White Republican Billionaires. And more will follow.

Take for example, Leftist Joe Scarborough.

The MSNBC host ripped President Biden on his hypocrisy with the Wuflu. And he noted Biden’s repeated attacks on President Trump for not listening to scientific experts regarding his Covid-19. Trump had reason to disregard to so-called experts. Because they are as much experts in virology and epidemiology as the next taxi driver you meet. But Biden has a different reason. He reports to yet another of the Leftist special interest: teachers’ unions.

Teachers’ unions wield enough power to actually get their members jobs not teaching. In fact, I’m surprised they haven’t gotten the Democrats to add parents to their union due to distance learning. Imagine that, paying taxes for teachers, having to teach your own children, then paying union dues. Don’t rule it out with Leftists at the helm.

Scarborough discussed Biden on his show, saying

“Joe Biden cannot, could not, cannot attack Donald Trump for not listening to health care officials, and then when he’s scared of teachers unions, he can’t not listen to health care officials who were saying it’s time to go back to school.”

Miraculously medical officials have come to President Trump’s way of thinking and now want children back in school. Biden’s and the Democrats’ problem is that they can’t continue to farce of Wuflu with the stats dropping. In other words, the truth now gets out about the scamdemic of Wuflu, so they must make a choice.

What can Captain Demento do?

During his campaign, Biden promised he would follow recommendations from medical experts regarding his response to the scamdemic. But now scam artists they call “experts” have new marching orders. After grifting Americans for trillions, they realize the money cow is out of milk on this issue. Now they agree that students can safely return to school.

Shocker. 29 million students in California and 6 Wuflu deaths. Science those numbers, Bitches.

“Health officials have said that, for the most part, the opening of schools should be encouraged,” Scarborough said. “They’ve said that over the past month or so, Dr. Fauci himself, has suggested as much. The Biden administration, catching flack for dragging their feet. And a lot of people are now suggesting that they are more interested in following the dictates of leaders of teachers unions than what health officials say. And then they trotted out some one, I don’t know, what, one day a week, three students, one day a week in a city of 15 million or something?”

“I exaggerate, of course, but it’s certainly what Jen Psaki trotted out a couple of days ago, a far stretch from what Joe Biden promised and a hell of a distance from what American parents want now, especially, let me say it again, with health officials saying children need to be back in school,” he continued. “Are they going to listen to the teachers unions? Or are they going to listen to health officials?”

“And this retreat a couple of days ago. I’m sorry, there’s not another word for it, it was pathetic,” he continued. “And it leaves a lot of parents hanging out there to dry. Again, health care officials are now saying that, that children need to go back to school. It’s nearly unanimous. The Biden administration has no other option than to follow health care officials do they?”

These parents were hung out to dry long before this. Out of work and forced to homeschool their children. While teachers took paid vacations. Nice job, if you can get your union to get it for you.

And what of those miracle vaccines? Leftist teachers should be required to get it.

Frankly, I’d love to see how they feel about this farce when half of academia has facial palsy or worse from these new vaccines. You can bet the “science” would change quickly, when teachers start revolting on the shots.

A large contingent of teachers and first-responders want nothing to do with this shot. With a morbidity rate less than the flu, Wuflu is no reason to risk it.

Ironically, a couple of manufacturers have admitted their vaccines are less effective than a placebo. Further, in future studies you can bet “science” will admit to the larceny that occurred in 2020, in the name of “public health”.

Speaking of the conflict in Leftists’ “science”, Scarborough’s wife and co-host Mika Brzezinski noted that teachers receiving the vaccine would put the debate to rest. Scarborough responded that when it comes to science there is no debate.

“Well, the issue’s solved … the thing is, if you don’t want to follow science now, then, then you can still say there’s a debate,” he continued. “But there’s not a debate when it comes to scientists, that debate’s over. So, I’m just curious, do we listen to scientists now? Or do we not listen to scientists when it might upset some of our political allies?”

Again, now that Trump has been deposed, the science apparently is in question.

I’m anxious to see how Captain Demento manages this. Especially given his 2-hour workday.



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