AZ Voter Fraud Soon to be EXPOSED

When you must fight to get an election audit, you realize that things might not be as they seem. But that’s what Arizonans had to do.

One would think that audits would be automatic in any election. After all, one person one vote should mean something. We are told that voting is our most precious right as citizens. Yet, it feels like Leftists never honor that saying…

And now we may learn the real truth about Arizona (and other places), in terms of voter fraud.

Election Wiz reports,

A bill granting the express authority to the Arizona legislature to subpoena ballots, election equipment and information from counties passed the state senate today.

Sen. Warren Petersen (R) introduced the bill amid a battle between Republican leaders and Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, over an audit of the county’s receipts relating to the 2020 election.

Earlier this week, State GOP Rep. Mark Finchem told OANN, “The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has done everything they can to stall, delay, [and] obfuscate. They claim they were negotiating in good faith when indeed they weren’t.”

Last week, the Senate fell one vote short of finding the county in contempt, just days after the county board asked a judge to quash the subpoenas.

Sen. Warren Peterson, who issued the latest round of subpoenas after taking over as the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee in January, authored the bill passed by the senate tonight. He characterized the bill “an insurance policy,” which would ensure the senate could enforce the subpoenas just in case a judge ruled otherwise.

Sen. Warren’s “insurance policy,” SB1408, cleared the senate by a vote of 16-14.

“They [Maricopa County] continue to hold the position that we don’t have the authority to investigate and audit the ballots and in this case the equipment,” Peterson said earlier this week. The senator said SB1408 will make clear that ballots and election machines are not privileged, confidential or protected from disclosure if the legislature issues a subpoena.

The bill now heads to the Arizona state house.

But as one commenter noted, “any evidence is probably at the bottom of Lake Powell by now.”

Too Little, Too Late

There is only one reason legislators are reluctant to investigate the election. Because we know what happened. Fact checkers can deny it all day long. But you can’t look at a state with the kind of Trump energy Arizona projected and believe Biden won fair and square.

Sadly, no matter what we uncover, Biden will sit in the Oval Office long enough to sink the entire country. Soon, we will be nothing more than a cheap asset China added to their portfolio.





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