China Has Biden By His Tiny Nuts

While the Democrats pretend that Trump was compromised by the Russians, we know with certainty that the Chinese have the goods on multiple Bidens.

The entire world knows that the Chinese control Joe Biden. In fact, they control his entire corrupt family.

Hunter Biden has been accused of being involved in human trafficking of underage Chinese girls. But don’t bother to ask him, since he won’t remember anything due his coke binges. That’s if you can even find him.

Can you imagine what the Chinese have in the vaults on this clown? And what leverage does this provide them with protective daddy, aka The Big Guy?

Recently, the Chinese issued a warning to Joe Biden.

First, they buzzed Taiwan. Flew fighter jets over Taiwan airspace, likely looking for prime real-estate for when the Red army invades the island.

While Trump was in office, Taiwan was safe from Chinese aggression. But with compromised Joe, things are very different. So much so, that the Chinese defense minister told Biden essentially, there is nothing you can or will do to China in the way of foreign policy. I see this as more than a veiled threat to Biden.

But it’s not just Taiwan that must worry. The free world is in danger, as the Chinese freely run the show.

Recall the Chinese were outed for having spies all over the world. They’ve infiltrated businesses, academia, and certainly politics. Eric Swalwell and Dianne Feinstein are but two of the Democrats caught in various scandals involving Chinese spies. With no ramifications.

Consider how much power the Chinese wield, when Swalwell is allowed back on committee after sleeping with a Chinese spy.

Back to Hunter Biden.

Remember his recording where he admits to being in business with the head of the Chinese spy agency? This statement got practically no coverage by the fake news media.

One can only imagine what the head of the Chinese spy agency has on Hunter. All I can say is, “HIDE THE KIDS!” when they reveal that debauchery.

Truth be told, the Chinese have Joe Biden by his tiny nuts. And you can add Nancy Pelosi’s nuts to this as well.

It won’t take long for America and the world to see how this plays out. If the Chinese are smart, they will allow Biden some leeway to look “tough.” But if they feel like Trump might be back, expect them to treat Biden like a hooker at a bachelor party.

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