It’s Time to Deprogram the Left

The left’s dissolution of mandates that create law and order showcases their commitment to lawlessness.

We might as well become an episode of the Walking Dead. That’s the kind of world liberals envision for us. Everything closed down. Everyone hungry, angry. Each of us a danger to our peers.

These laws stood in place for decades to keep our society safe. They ensured specific protections to keep us from living in fear.

Unfortunately, liberals negated those laws.

If you want evidence, look no further than any protest on the left. Liberals walk around, burning down buildings, destroying statutes and landmarks. And it’s all in the name of social justice.

And don’t fool yourself. No town is safe. Just pick any given location and watch as the places where families raised generation after generation surrounded by the roots of their histories. Then, try to calculate how long it took destroy it all. Meanwhile, Liberal governing bodies are nowhere to be found as the statues are tossed in the harbors. Well, Nancy Pelosi showed up. Just long enough to say “people will do what they do.”

Total Destruction

Liberals have more than an excessive need destroy our history and shackle our civil liberties. And they won’t stop at muting opposing views. These people seek to erase conservatives while while attempting to reprogram us.

Consider the irony. Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA) wants to boot Marjorie Taylor Green from Congress for filing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden. As we’ve seen for the past year, it’s not ok to call Joe Biden out for extorting money from Ukraine. All while this clown is voting to impeach Donald Trump a second time. Does anybody on the Left get, or more importantly, even question this hypocrisy?

The new push to deprogram Conservatives simply because we followed one singular man who championed America is somehow a deranged thought. The surprise that 75 million Americans love their country above all else is not something liberals can comprehend. But conservatives do – we love this country above all else. This is a huge foundational divide between parties.

Liberals view this country as a mediocre asset to sell off. The space they inhabit is disposable. They don’t treasure the land, despite their bleeding heart reputations. They’re happy to reap the benefits of those sacrifices made before them, often grave sacrifices, only to abuse our collective good and take it for themselves. Just ask Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Nancy Pelosi, and of course our favorite Democrat crime families: the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, and the Bidens. Can anyone match their greed?

Erasing our history makes it easier for them to justify their abuse of America.

They let criminals out of jail and hold the hands of cartels as they escort them over our borders and into our country. They unleash them on the rest of us as we fight to protect our inhabitants. To guard our homeland from crime and chaos.

Conservatives want to protect this country and this is why they need to be deprogrammed? It’s called being a patriot – something the Left doesn’t understand because they are not – patriots, that is.

Leftists believe the patriots in this country came to be when Donald Trump stepped in office.

How pathetic to be so unaware. We’re not disciples of Trump, we are partners with Trump. He helped us take back this country from the likes of the Trifecta Crime Families and their ilk.

Trump was elected to enforce the existing laws conservatives and patriots coveted our whole lives.

The Extreme Left Party exacts to dismantle our country of its laws and strip it of its resources solely for their gain. Imagine not having any allegiance to your own country. Disgustingly, they’ve sold their souls to the Chinese. Yet, they’d like to program us to think like them. Hell no. I will always side on the virtues and the spirit of America.

The left stole an election and no one seems to care except the patriots. Unfortunately, the Left Extremist Party has no choice but to program our society into believing that Trump was the cause of the disorder. That’s the tactic in mind coercion. Blame others for the wrongs you are doing.

It’s psychological warfare. Please take note.

As a visual exercise, consider standing at our border, and for every gang member, sex trafficker and violent criminal the left welcomes over our border and into our country, they force one police officer, a border patrol agent, and an FBI agent to leave. In other words – we exchange criminals for our country’s safety vanguards. Eventually, we will have a country of ruthless criminals. Do you want your daughter to be standing on that street? Or your son? Patriots see the nonsense in this.

No one is immune and there will not be any law enforcement to counter the mayhem. Take away people’s guns and defund our police, and soon the inmates will run the asylum.

Let me make this blatantly clear – we are in this experiment right now. We are living it. Hereafter, law-abiding citizens will be the minority. And while the liberals want to deprogram conservatives like me, I can’t help but wonder how the likes of Katie Couric got so programmed to think any of this is OK. The reality is she’s been programmed by the Left, drank her own Kool-Aid, and now is a nonsensical mouthpiece because she is weak. Join the club Katie – you are not alone.

In reality, the left has been programmed. They bought the lie. Now, they have no point of reference. Somewhere along the way, they accepted the corrosive narrative that dismantling our great country is OK. As they continue to try to strip us of our rights, attempt to cage us, and bully us into submission, the glaring reality is the left only operates in collective group think. There are no independent thinkers anymore.

Eventually, they will eat their own, because having a lot is never enough. Try deprogramming that mindset.

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