New York Crime Redefines Taking a Slice Out of the Big Apple

While Democrats plot to get your guns, they wholly ignore the crimes that dwarf gun violence.

As the New York Post reported, transit crime is up.

Two more straphangers met their gruesome end on Gotham’s subways over the weekend, bringing the transit-murder total in just over a year to eight. Before 2020 and 2021, it took five years for eight murders to occur on transit — and that was with much higher ridership.

Did you get that? 8 murders in a year, when it took 5 years to achieve that before. And with higher ridership. 500 percent increase in transit murders. Imagine how many attacks have occurred over the past year that they barely discuss.

In the business of law enforcement, these attacks are called “escalation”. And things are worsening.

As the article suggests:

“The events of the last 24 hours are horrifying,” says acting New York City Transit boss Sarah Feinberg. Yes, indeed.

The latest victims are a 44-year-old woman and an adult man, stabbed to death by an apparent stranger on two separate A trains. Two others were assaulted in the same 24 hours, possibly by the same attacker.

Talk about taking a slice out of The Big Apple! Citizens of The Big Apple, that is.

But as the article explains, things could be worse.

It’s just dumb luck that even more people haven’t died. A day before the two murders, a teenage boy was the most recent near-victim, tumbling to the tracks during a violent robbery. Over the previous week, almost a dozen people fell prey to various slashings and pushings.

The statistics back up the anecdotes. In January, though robberies fell, assaults were up an eyewatering 27 percent.

De Blasio’s war on police seems to be working. And keep in mind, in the year of the scamdemic, these attacks occur on much fewer people. Or, as I refer to people living in big cities like New York, “future victims”.

The article lays out further statistics of transit crimes.

That follows a year during which violent transit crimes were consistently way up. Six murders in 2020, double the 2019 number. All of the murder victims were minority men. Seven rapes, more than double the previous year. Nearly 600 robberies, up 4 percent.

It’s an amazing feat, when ridership was at a tiny fraction of “normal” during March, April, May and June and is still only at 30 percent of 2019 figures. Plus, the subway is closed four hours a night.

It’s no coincidence, either, that crime enforcement — or, more accurately, crime prevention — was also way down last year. Arrests for beating the fare fell by 84 percent, for example. Civil summons fell 57 percent.

This, when fare evasion and other low-level violations, like smoking, are rampant. “People are jumping the turnstile, nobody pays for it no more,” one rider told The Post. “You need more cops on the subway.”

At least one-third of last year’s alleged subway killers beat the fare to enter the system.

What’s that? Violent criminals aren’t following the law and paying their transit fees? Shouldn’t that at least be the cost of doing business?

Further, where are the cameras? Leftists demand body-cams on police, but fail to protect the taxpayer-funded mass transit system?

And who are the perpetrators? Are they Trump voters who target gay Black men who have roles on Empire? Perhaps they are Confederate-flag-wearing rednecks from Appalachia? Or might they be of a different political and ethnic persuasion?

The article continues by asking what New York’s leaders plan to do about this obvious problem?

What will it take for the mayor and the “transit-advocacy” community to protect terrified commuters, most of them essential workers? “We’ve been calling for more NYPD officers” for a year, says Feinberg. “I want people to see a uniformed presence throughout the system.”

Riders know how dangerous things have gotten. Last week, an immigrant construction worker went to accompany his girlfriend home from work on the subway — because, at the late-night hour of 8 p.m., he thought it was dangerous; he got stabbed in the stomach.

I know. They will give de Blasio an Emmy!

Well, just in case de Blasio can’t fix things, Democrats have somebody to fall back on who is a real problem-solver. Demented Joe will right the ship.

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