Newsom’s GOP Challenger Proves How LOST California Is

California Dictator Gavin Newsom has a new challenger. But don’t get too excited.

First, Newsom has the backing of his Aunt Nancy Pelosi. So she will roll out the Dominion Voting Systems machines to make sure Gav keeps his day job.

Second, the challenger represents nothing more than establishment GOP.

Kevin Faulconer is the former GOP mayor of San Diego. And he announced that he will run for governor, challenging Newsom when he runs for re-election.

Faulconer made his announcement at a public school victimized by Newsom’s policies, and thus closed. Ironically, the shuttered school is located next to a private school that remains open.

Fox News reported:

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer on Tuesday formally threw his name in the ring to replace Gavin Newsom as governor of California, becoming the first major Republican to challenge the Democrat who is facing a growing recall threat over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at a public elementary school in Los Angeles where schools remain closed — Faulconer spoke of Sacramento’s failed leadership and the need to get kids back in school.

“It’s become the land of broken promises. And the promise breaker and chief is Gavin Newsom,” Faulconer said after arriving by bus to announce his run for governor.

“Governor Newsom has botched the basics during this crisis. Millions of our public school children are being left behind. He’s unable to give unemployment to Californians while racking up $31 billion in fraud,” Faulconer said.

Too bad Faulconer didn’t stop there. But he showed his RINOism.

“And our great state is one of the slowest at distributing life-saving vaccines. His continuous failures are an immediate hazard to the state of California, and he must be replaced.”

Life-saving vaccines to what? Cancer? No, the Wuflu.

The litmus test for conservativism should be whether or not you propagate the lie of Wuflu. And Faulconer failed.

While California is fraught with fraud, the most recent problem involves locking down the people, thus the economy, with a “scamdemic”. Yet, Faulconer appears to buy into the sham.

Worse, he made no mention of the massive problem with illegals. They steal billions from the California economy, and are the reason for the mass exodus of people and businesses.

Faulconer mentioned the exodus of businesses from the state and his desire to stop that from happening. However, what’s the plan? Distributing vaccines to a disease that kills 0.1 percent of those who get it, and get kids back in school?

In case Faulconer did not recognize it, it’s the Wuflu scam that has kids out of school.

I read that of the 39 million students in California schools, only 6 have died of Wuflu. Nevertheless, the teachers’ unions say the environment is unsafe for them. Insane.

States need leaders. Not dictators like Newsom and New York’s Cuomo. Nor do they need weak-kneed sissies like Kemp in Georgia.


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