Biden Faces Russia: Don’t Bring it On!

Here’s another good one from the Biden Administration train wreck – so pull up a chair and grab the popcorn.

Incidentally, I’ve been eating a lot of popcorn lately… Have you?

Putin actually challenged Biden to a duel! It’s like the wild, wild West. Putin will ride to the duel site shirtless, on his stallion, or a bear, carrying his rifle while Biden rides up in a motorized cart carrying a BB-gun. Putin will say, “Do you feel lucky today, well do ya?” All the while Joe will say, “Where the hell am I?”

This will make great TV. Imagine SNL.

The difference between these two leaders is obvious.

One stands firmly in control, while the other does not. Never has.

Unfortunately, this is real life. Putin is apparently pissed, to put it mildly. As Joe calls Putin a killer, Putin lashes back, saying: “It takes one to know one.” Now, this seems wildly funny, except it’s not. Mainly due to the fact that most people believe Putin is a killer. Moreover, we are highly suspect of Joe Biden, et al. Just look at his ties to China. And Hillary Clinton.

Putin is a former KGB agent – those dudes don’t mess around. Killer probably isn’t off the mark. But then again, Putin may be right about Biden, too. As a former Russian spy, Putin more than likely has intel on Biden that the MSM is hiding to protect anything Liberal. Maybe Biden is a killer. You can’t do business with China without things getting messy. Why? Because China is a communist country. Those dudes don’t mess around either.

One would be hard-pressed to believe that with all his back-door dealings with China where Joe, son Hunter, and brother James have all gotten immensely wealthy on their corrupt business partnerships with Communist China, that there is not sordid and criminal activity. We know China kills.

Putin challenges Biden to a live debate with no delays – played out in real-time. Jen Psaki says Biden doesn’t have time, he’ll be in Georgia and napping. But Putin doesn’t take that lying down. He pulls his ambassador out of the US and brings him back to Moscow.

But let’s talk about the highlights that Biden and his administration of merry geeks have accomplished in 100 days.

Well, for starters – The first day Biden shut down 11,000 jobs when he closed the Keystone Pipeline. Gas prices are up to 2.79 in the DC area. Up 79 cents a gallon in just 100 days. Wow! Thanks, Joe, your policies just cost me an extra $11.85 to fill up my 15-gallon gas tank. That’s an extra $42 a month. I lost my job to Covid a year ago. My unemployment ran out, but I’m sure you know a better way to spend my money.

I suspect that extra 40 bucks will go to the 11,000 illegals you are ceremoniously letting into our country. Hey, but maybe I can get one of those awesome t-shirts migrants are wearing that says: “Biden, Please Let Us In.” I guess the upshot is they said “Please.”

But maybe these t-shirts should say, “We are Covid-carrying illegals and we will spread this disease throughout the U.S., to every city, in every state.” Or maybe they could just go with “Illegal Superspreaders.” Time for me to start a shirt shop. I think I’d like to have a t-shirt made to advertise the truth about these migrants that says:

Migrants Exempt from Covid testing!
Coming to a city or town near you…
Thanks, Joe.

Boy, if this isn’t an amazing accomplishment for President Biden, I don’t know what is.

No Testing?

Where’s Fauci? Did he approve importing the superspreaders who can refuse testing? Liberals are screwed either way here. If they’re superspreaders, we can’t take the chance that these migrants will spread corona to the masses. And if the Left says it’s safe for these illegals to come in, then the virus panic is truly based on a hoax.

No matter how you slice it, millions of people lost their jobs, their livelihoods, and their company-sponsored insurance due to Covid. But Biden knows it was a hoax. His dementia was shining through when Biden declared that Fourth of July gatherings aren’t out of the question at this point. And why not? Biden doesn’t think it’s a big deal as he stands and declares that maybe the U.S. can gather for the 4th of July. So go stock up on brisket while you can. They’ve already hit the hundred dollar mark!

But these gatherings come only if we’re good. Only if WE stay isolated so we don’t “super-spread.”

Do you get it?

Punish Americans – you know, Make America LAST Again or MALA. It’s the Liberal preamble. I guess we can consider this a victory for knocking the U.S. off its pedestal. Blessings.

But let’s continue – there’s more cheery news. Twenty-one states have filed lawsuits against the Biden Administration because of the Keystone Pipeline closure. Apparently, these collective states contend Biden went “beyond his authority in canceling the XL Pipeline.”

These states are pushing to revive the pipeline to restore jobs and local economies. I’m not sure what business handbook Biden is reading when he shuts down 11,000 jobs his first day in office, during a pandemic – a year-long pandemic. Especially when so many individuals, families, cities, and states are hurting. Probably, he’s just following instructions from AOC and the Squad.

I’m sure he had a good reason. Just ask him; he’ll tell you if he can remember.

Joe has signed 72 Executive fiats in his 100 days in office. Man, his hand must be tired. He apparently didn’t even know what he was signing. He said, “C’mon man, I don’t know what I’m signing here.” Ok – I added the “C’mon man,” but you get the picture.

I guess the better question is, if Joe doesn’t know what the hell he’s signing, who the hell does? Seriously – national security stuff could be getting slipped in there. Nothing spells confidence in your President like 31 of your party’s representatives begging you to hand over the nuclear codes.

Get it?

Maybe he’s incompetent. But let’s not go there – we’re still looking for Biden’s (positive) accomplishments. In fact, I wonder- how is that cancer cure coming along?

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