Video: Biden Fumbles Again

No matter how hard they try to make Biden look competent, he thwarts their devious plans.

Aside from Biden obviously hiding from the media due to his diminished brain capacity, he also shows signs of aging.

I doubt the man puts on his own shoes. When he appears in public, he looks like a lost old fool, ambling around.

Watch as Biden ascends the stars to Air Force One.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin seized on the opportunity to embarrass Biden and the 40 million or so people who voted for him. Putin invited Biden to a simple debate. Ad hoc, impromptu, no need for prep. But the debate must be televised and public.

Putin would never, repeat NE-VER challenge President Trump to such a debate!

Because Putin would lose. But with The Big Cheat in office, Putin decided to have a bit of fun with feckless Joey Demento at the Democrats’ expense.

Biden declined, saying he didn’t have time. True. When you only work 2 hours a day, there simply isn’t enough time in the day.

How long do the Democrats believe they can “hide” Biden in plain sight? Think about it. He was more than halfway through his first hundred days before he as brave enough to give a speech. Maybe it wasn’t bravery at this point. Maybe it was stupidity.

Clearly, Biden’s only accomplishments so far include passing out “free” money and undoing the many legislative accomplishments of Donald Trump.

Undo It

As of now, Biden’s returned us to the Paris Accords. And he returned funding to abortion clinics. He also killed the Pipeline while creating a climate change task force to study greenhouse gasses.

Look out AOC, that could be your opening! Gasoline is already headed so high, people are scrambling to fill up the car. Maybe that’s why Democrats no longer need to shut down the country. It won’t be long before people won’t be able to leave the house. They won’t have gas money.

Turning Tables

There’s an old saying, from the Bible actually. Evil may prevail in the beginning. But it always loses in the end.

Soon, the cheaters who performed the coup of President Trump will have to answer for their ill deeds. Biden does not possess the panache or cachet to pull off incompetence like his former boss.

Democrats will soon distance themselves from the presidential Mr. Magoo, but not before they, too, share the hotseat.

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