CNN Slammed After Denying Hard Immigration Facts

CNN called Texas Governor Greg Abbott a liar. And then they were hammered with the truth.

Of course, Abbott made the decision to reopen Texas this week, ordering that businesses can return to 100% capacity by March 10th.

Many liberals spiraled out of hand with the announcement, accusing the Governor of putting Texans at risk for contracting coronavirus. So if liberals are so hard pressed to keep coronavirus under control, one would conclude they wouldn’t be ok with integrating sickly immigrants into society.

 Fox News elaborates:

CNN was hammered Thursday for accusing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of claiming “without evidence” that migrants could expose Texans to coronavirus, after officials said this week more than 100 illegal immigrants had tested positive and been allowed to freely travel.

“The Biden administration has been releasing immigrants in south Texas that have been exposing Texans to Covid,” Abbott, a Republican, told CNBC.

“After relaxing state Covid restrictions this week, Abbott alleged, without evidence, that migrants coming into Texas are exposing the state’s residents to the coronavirus,” CNN reported.

Yet multiple outlets, including CNN in the same article it accused Abbott of making a baseless claim, reported more than 100 illegal immigrants released following their arrival at the border tested positive for coronavirus.

Felipe Romero, an official in Brownsville, Texas, told Fox News that the 108 positives represent 6.3% of the number of total migrants who have been rapid-tested at the city’s main bus station, where they are being released by the Border Patrol.

Unfortunately, it seems Brownsville had no authority to stop infected migrants from traveling through the state.

That seems reprehensible. If this virus is so dangerous and so deadly, why doesn’t the State of Texas and it’s local municipalities hold the power to quarantine or otherwise detain those who absolutely can spread covid around?

Once again, liberal logic doesn’t align. It didn’t take long for the tweeters to weigh in.

Fox Continues:


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