Columbia University: the Vanguard for Segregation

Woke Columbia University stages six segregated graduation ceremonies.

Boy, this stuff never gets old, does it? Except for when it does. Like now.

Graduations are designed to celebrate the years of grueling hard work that each individual puts forth in order to garner a degree from their chosen school. It is no small feat. Hard classes, tough professors, mindless reading of subjects that hold no interest. Tests, exams, and labs that all have to be given equal attention, regardless of how many class hours it’s designated. College is hard work. And we nary get there alone. It’s an insular community that helps us.

It could be your study group in your degree of choice. Likely your friends from your dorm, roommates, and suitemates make up your circle. It could be your sports team, fraternity, or sorority. Making lasting friendships in college will take you far beyond your days in higher education. Think alumnae.

It’s hard work, but it can be so idyllic as well. We are graced with the experience of living on our own and trying to figure it all out. First, we figure out the freedom part, but not before we realize we don’t know how to manage freedom. Life lessons, to be sure, done together with our friends.

But those life lessons are not accomplished without a whole host of outside peeps that become inside peeps because of a shared experience and lifelong goals of college and beyond.

Here’s the kicker though, we encounter multiple races, ethnicities, religions and any other classifications while we walk this walk. That’s the beauty of college.


According to the New York Post:

The university on Tuesday issued a statement on Twitter regarding the graduation ceremonies, saying the events “exist in addition to, not instead of, University-wide commencement and individual school Class Days,” and are “voluntary” and “open to every student.”

“These events are important, intimate and welcoming spaces for students aligned with these groups to come together to celebrate their achievements if they wish,” the university wrote in a tweet. “They are organized in tandem with students and student groups.”

But just how empowering is it for Black college students to isolate and insulate themselves in a show of Black solidarity?

I think I’m missing something here. We’re in the absolute absurd world of Wokeness. Forgive me – I don’t get it. Woke is weak. That’s what I know for sure.

So, Columbia University will prove its wokeness by hosting segregated ceremonies to promote what – solidarity? How about community? Or diversity? How about friendships and comradery? Or a support system that each college student forged in order to get through their rigorous studies? How about the celebration of friendships from different backgrounds? It’s from these seeds that grow well-rounded individuals. Not from keeping them separate.

How can a university and a Woke generation be so abjectly DENSE?

Let’s look back at history. In 1954 the Supreme Court voted unanimously in the Brown v. Board of Education case.

On May 17, 1954, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren delivered the unanimous ruling in the landmark civil rights case Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. State-sanctioned segregation of public schools was a violation of the 14th amendment and was therefore unconstitutional.

Enough said.

This was a true fight and an equitably true victory for equal rights and de-segregation. But now we find ourselves dealing with the over-indulgent Wokers that don’t have a clue about history or what it means to succeed. Especially what it meant to the Black community to win this case.

This win was epic. A game changer.

But by all means, let these generational “life victims” enjoy the fruits of their labor as they take Blacks back 67 years.

From a Washington Examiner piece in 2019:

Other forms of segregation take place on campus in separate dorms and freshmen orientations.

In its report, the National Association of Scholars called the separate commencements an example of “neo-segregation” on campus. The report acutely points out that “neo-segregation is the breeding ground of racial conflict in American society.”

“Neo-segregation inculcates in young people the readiness to cling to a victim identity at the expense of becoming a positive member of the larger community,” the report states. “No doubt a large portion of the racial grievance politics we see in society at large these days is the carefully nurtured product of campus neo-segregation.”

The New York Times had an article titled: “Colleges Celebrate Diversity with Separate Commencement.”

Did you catch it? “CELEBRATE.”

What a manipulation of the word “celebrate.” It simply masks this segregated ceremony with a bit of unearned pomp and circumstance. These universities, along with students, cheer this on like it’s a victory. But it’s a manipulated selling of the empowerment ideology. And Black students are eating it up. Perhaps it’s time Kevin Jackson stepped up with his book Race Pimping, and taught these kids some real lifelong lessons. Like how to “not fall for manipulations from the left.”

You’ve been hoaxed, but this time of your own doing.

If the new-age Blacks want to segregate themselves to prove their empowerment – then go for it. But please, no crying racism when you find yourselves back in the Supreme Court trying to undo all the “celebrated segregation” you set yourselves up for. It won’t end well. And frankly, you’ll be embarrassed by your behavior.

College is both a stepping stone and a struggle. It’s wonderful, glorious, and scary all at the same time. But you’re supposed to learn how to roll with someone who isn’t exactly like you. So shame on Columbia for dividing up the students and separating the blacks from the whites. I thought laundry was the only thing we sort by colors these days.

Don’t think we can’t and won’t go back to the days when Senator Joe Biden said this about desegregation:

“Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle,” Biden said.

Hold onto your hats, campers – The Woke is taking us back in time.


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